Friday, 26 August 2016


Image from King Ranch Saddle Shop website
I was recently contacted by one of the lovely Ladies at King Ranch Saddle Shop, which bought their amazing women's Cowboy Boots to my attention. Now, I'm not saying I'll be wearing these every day, but I can certainly see myself slipping my feet into these beautiful Turquoise boots when I looking to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes I fancy wearing something which will turn heads and make a statement, well these boots are the perfect statement piece, and I love to wear an outfit that shouts out once in a while. 

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours, it automatically brightens up any outfit, so as soon as I saw these I felt drawn to them. I think the stitching detail is the perfect elegant touch to the traditional Cowboy Boot style.

Before I knew it, I was picturing the contents of my wardrobe, trying to figure the perfect outfit to pair these boots. It wasn't so long before I was raiding my wardrobe picking out my most country pieces.

I figured, considering the boots are oh so western, I'd head in that direction with the rest of my look. I realised I had the perfect dress tucked away in my wardrobe. It matches perfectly the with turquoise, and the range of colours and busy patterns are so well suited to this western themed outfit. To add some final accessories I found a string featured choker to pop on. Chokers are very fashionable right now, so it adds a modern twist to the old style outfit, and the feather detail fits in nicely with the rest of the look. Alongside this, I popped up my vintage satchel. Lastly, of course with the country theme I couldn't go without a hat - this is just one I got from River Island, but I think the colour black really helps to break down all the colours in this outfit, and patterned ribbon detail offers that finishing touch.

Makeup wise I decided to keep things warm, I used my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Tesoro as I think the bright orange toned red fits add that colour pop in the makeup so that it doesn't get forgotten amongst al the detail in the outfit. I used Chanel Les 4 Ombres Palette in the shade 268 Candeur Et Expérience on my eyes because I'm loving a red eye look recently.

I know it's busy, but that's just something which makes me love this look even more.
Trying this outfit on is making me want to head to a country concert, as I need another excuse to put it on!
What do you think?


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New Specs.

I recently had a trip to the opticians. As I waited for my eye test I spotted these specs and fell in love with them. I found myself sort of hoping that I might need reading glasses just so I could wear these lovely frames.

When I found out I did need to get myself some glasses as my vision is not quite up to scratch, I spent a long time trying on every style of glasses they had to offer, and yet still I found myself coming straight back to these ones.
Being Tom Ford, they were one of the more pricey options, however, I felt the style was so perfect and suited me so well, that I was more than happy to spend the money, after all, I'll be wearing them a lot won't I?

The frames are an ombre brown shade, which I think suits my colouring perfectly. The kind lady who helped me in the opticians said, well she went with something along the lines of. "the colouring is perfect for you, they suit you more than any others".
They're quite large glasses, however, I have quite a small face so I think they look bigger on me than they actually are. I wanted larger lenses as I think it nice to have statement glasses. The frames somewhere in between a circle and a square which I really like.

I was so happy when my new glasses arrived, they're the perfect addition to any outfit, I've been wearing almost all of the time, although my vision only says I need to them occasionally, they're oh so very me, I can't seem to take them off. As you can probably tell from the excessive amount of photographs, I am madly in love with them. 

What do you think of my new accessory?

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Chanel Palette.

After constant lusting and a manic search around Superdrug to find a worthy dupe, I finally gave in a bought myself the new Chanel  Les 4 Ombres in new Candeur Et Expérience shade. The quad contains all matte shades. Three of which are browns and the final is a beautiful red shade. It was originally the red which attracted me to the palette. I mean, as lovely as the browns may be, we all have plenty of neutral shades eyeshadows in our collections, right? Red, however, is a different story. I searched high street brands to find similar colours, but is seems reds are really quite lacking outside of palettes, which is ridiculous considering the stunning look a red can create.

I've got to say, despite the hefty price tag, this palette was worth every penny. I love all of the shades, and will get plenty of wear from each colour. You can create many looks with the 4 shades, and I think the matte finish gives the shadow a striking maturity. As I have touched on, the red shade is gorgeous and can be used to create a real statement look. The other brown shades are very warm and really compliment my pale skin tone. Although I have many brown eyeshadows, I often find them to be slightly too cool to achieve the look I want - so despite my neutral eyeshadow obsession, the palette is certainly filling a gap in my collection (which also makes me feel much better about splashing out when I was supposed to be saving money).

Being Chanel, of course, the packaging is super sophisticated, with the classic black with white Chanel logo, which opens up to the shadows, a mirror and two miniature sponge brushes for application. I usually think sponge brushes are a waste of time and money, because let's are realistic, most of us whack out a MAC 217, and one of our real techniques favourites to apply and blend our shadow. However, I tried these out of curiosity, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality the brushes, and what a lovely job they did of blending. I won't be using them on a regular bases, but I can see myself relying on them for travel which saves packing extra, or worrying if you forget.

On first impressions, I am very pleased with this palette. I think it has that Chanel luxury feel, I love every single colour, and the quality of the eyeshadow and the package makes it worth the higher price tag.

I'm really happy with this look I created  when playing with the quad for the first time. 
What do you think? 

Chloë x


Monday, 15 August 2016

4 things I've been enjoying...

Today I wanted to share some things I have been enjoying recently, as it's nice to appreciate nice things, plus you might enjoy these wonderful things just as much as I do.

Gilmore Girls - Everyones heard of Gilmore Girls, right? Well, my obsession is back and stronger than ever. Since I realised Gilmore Girls has been put on Netflix alongside the new Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Series, I, of course, have had to watch the entire series from the start despite having watched the first three seasons endless amounts of times on DVD. I have to say I forgot how great Lorelai is when she babbles on about nothing, Rory's cutest awkwardness when she runs away, and of course that oh so important electric chemistry between Lorelai and Luke. It's just great. 

Some of the quotes are just made of pure brilliance, a favourite from the last episode I watched is "I'd take some dance classes because the way you express yourself needs a little work" Whoever wrote the script deserves a reward. It's great to stick on whenever, it gives me positive vibes, doesn't take too much concentration - it's perfect for in the background and even more perfect when you what do literally nothing at all in bed. - Jaynie is my best friend (she also doesn't know I'm writing this... you're welcome Jay), she has also begun blogging a lot more. I'm really enjoying reading all of her posts, she's a great writer and her blog is just quite pleasing to the eye. She's the queen of beauty, so if you're into makeup post, go give her a follow. Her blog is become one of my favourites to go to when I fancy a little evening blog stalk, and I love it even more because I know her, so I can hear her every word coming from her mouth as I read her posts. I always think it's interesting to see how people portray themselves online. Jaynie is very much herself and I think that shines through in her blog.

The Modern Love by Will Darbyshire - This book is oh so lovely. It made up a collection of different love letters, from different people, of different ages, all over the world. The book is also so damn beautiful down to every last detail. I have a lot of love for this book, but I'm not going to say too much because it deserves a blog post all of its own (which will be up a few days after this one, so keep your eyes peeled).

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur - This poetry book is my new obsession, her words really sit well with me, I feel I can relate, and it makes for beautiful easy reading. I love the simplicity of the poems. They make me feel overcome me with emotions and clarity.  Plus they are complete with quite lovely line drawings which really give the book that final finish.

What are some things you've been enjoying recently?

Monday, 8 August 2016

6 Good Things.

I had a pretty crappy week last week. I was unwell, and in all round crap spirits as I have also felt quite anxious knowing I'm leaving my job soon, with no idea what's next. However I the world seems much more on my side today. So I thought I'd share some of the things which have got me out of my funk and given me all around positive vibes - it's important to take the time to appreciate the little things, even if it's not the best day ever, the little makes all the difference right?
So here are 6 good things

Happily exploring yesterday...

  1. I was informed I'm due a £265 tax rebait - don't you just love it when you're randomly owed money? 
  2. I shared something with my friends that I thought they judge, but they supported my idea, maybe I'm not as crazy as I thought.
  3. Gilmore Girls is finally on Uk Netflix... I know how I'm not going to be able to get away from my laptop. I think to see my Friday nights turning to Gilmore Girls marathons, because who needs a social life when you can watch Gilmore girls in your pj's. I'm a little too excited for this.
  4. I ran out of data on my phone yesterday. Very baffled I went to buy some more, but the website wouldn't load despite the wifi, however, it was not to my knowledge my data tops up today anyway. Lucky I didn't spend that £5 on extra data which would have gone unused.
  5. The sun is shining. Doesn't that make everyone's day?
  6. I had the nicest day yesterday having lunch with my family and exploring with Matt, and I vlogged it - I can see that become a video I watch back for the good memories!

I'd love to hear some of your little positive part of your life recently, please let me know some of the things which have brought a smile to your face!



Saturday, 6 August 2016

Shades of Nude...

There are some days when you want to look polish and chic, whilst keeping it subtle.

I have a lip and nail combo which I have found perfect for achieving this look. Of course, I'm going for nudes, they're on trend and oh so easy to wear with anything and everything. Plus I think nude lips and nails they give a nice sophisticated finish to any look.

The lip and nail shades are both different shades of nude. I personly don't like it too matching so I think they work really well together.
The lighter of the pair is the shade Kissed from the Barry M Coconut Infused Nail Polish range. This is a really easy to wear nude. It's not too dark, not too light, not too brown toned and not too pink toned. It's a very middle of the road nude which I think suits my pale skin tone and makes my nails looking very healthy and polished (pun not intended). I also love the formula of these Barry M Coconut Infused Nail Polish. They're nice to apply, dry fairly quickly, they're pretty long lasting, and they're good for your nails. Plus they're also inexpensive. I'd definitely recommend giving this nail polish a go. 

As for my current go to lip (Yes, I've actually taken a step back from MAC Whirl, I never thought I'd see the day) is created using the very talked about Kylie Lip Kits in the shade Candy K. This is a much darker shade of nude, which I think suits me more when it comes to lips. It's a brown toned nude with a slight pink hint to it and a matte finish. Of course, it was a pain in the ass to get hold of, and a bit bloody expensive once I'd paid for delivery and customs, but worth every penny. I like both the liquid lipstick and the liner, and I'm a lot happier with the shade than I'd expected.

I love wear of both these variations of nude, they've become my go-to! What are your go-to nude shades?


Friday, 5 August 2016

No Shame

I remember, when I was younger, when one of my friends used to come over to play, I'd have to be sure to prepare beforehand. By prepare I mean take down and thoroughly hide my Mary-Kate and Ashley posters. Why? Because I was ashamed of something I liked, and I was petrified that she would find them and think that I was uncool. Looking back now, it's ridiculous that I was so afraid of my friend judging me for something of such little importance, especially as this is some I'm still friends with today.

There have been so many times I have heard alien things come from my mouth because I have wanted to badly to fit in that I felt the need to alter who I am. I have found myself saying things such as "I really love this band" Despite having never heard of them and "I'm not really sure why those books are in my room, I think they're my mums", or wearing outfits that I thought we're on trend, despite how unlike myself I felt in them and just not really liking how they looked.

Yeah, I've tried many times to be someone I am not, and I have also told a lot of bad lies, which were really unnecessary, however, as there were parts of bit of my life and snippets of my personality which I felt didn't fit other peoples, rather than accepting I'm not supposed to be like my friends, I denied a lot of my little loves, and faked a few for good measure.

Yes I know, I am completely ridiculous, it's is completely ridiculous, and it's perfectly acceptable to remain true to myself is definitely something I have learnt over time.

So with all that rambling over, I wanted to share some of the things I like, dislike and used to feel ashamed by, which I may previously have told white lies about to my nearest and dearest.

  1. I love poetry, I have an undying love for words which work together, and quotes which evoke emotion. I often spend my free time reading and writing (bad) poetry.
  2. I'm not very good with music. No one ever seems to get this. I like music and I appreciate it, but in general I'm not all that fused on it, I'll listen to any genre of music, and I don't really wanna have a chat about it because I don't feel particularly strongly about it. I never know songs, and definitely, don't want to be in control of the playlist for the evening.
  3. I like to spend time alone. So many times I've made myself making up excuses to not see friends, not because I don't appreciate they want to spend time with me, but I feel like time alone does my head many favours. I've very introverted and I've only just begun to understand that's okay.
  4. My youtube channel - I mean obviously that never been something I've hidden on my blog, but around people I know I felt a bit embarrassed by it, as though was a silly hobby people wouldn't get, now I'll happily talk about my youtube channel and my blog, although people still don't seem to get it, I use this as an opportunity to educated them.
  5. My sexuality, I definitely feel some attraction towards females, and that's okay.
  6. My love for Taylor Swift. I just can't help but like her - even when I constantly hear her being slated, I've loved her since her curly long hair, love story days.
  7. My lack of understanding of the Beyonce hype - I'm sorry I just don't get it.
  8. I want to work in creative industries, which also goes hand in hand with not having a traditional 9-5 job, a concept which a lot of people do not understand, which in turn has meant I've felt somewhat silly talking about my career ambitions, however, now I realise that whatever I want to do, is personal to who I am, and it really doesn't matter if other people don't 'get' it, it just gives me to drive to prove to them can do my own thing.
  9. I'd rather spend my leisure time reading, than watching TV. I'm just not all that into watching telly, which means I'm other left out of a lot of conversations because it's not something I really do. I literally don't remember the last time I turned on the TV, besides my weekly PLL fix on Netflix and Youtube Videos I don't tend to watch anything, which gets quite awkward during the CCB small talk which often come up in the staff from.
  10. My love for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen of course

Is there anything you used to feel unnecessary shame about? I feel a lot happier now I'm just doing me, even if that means occassionally feeling a little lost in chitter chatter.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Black and Blue

After banging on about how much wear I have been getting from both my H&M Denim Jacket and my River Island Black Maxi (no longer available, similar here) in my July round up video, alongside the most sunny day off work, I felt the urge to get outside with my camera to show you how the outfit looks. 
 Accessory-wise I decided to pop on my black velvet choker, as that's a trend I am really loving. Alongside this, I popped on my silver stage necklace (similar here) and popped my old zebra print sandals from Dune London (no longer available similar here) on because I can't get enough of them.

I find this outfit so understand and easy to wear, while also making me feel put together and chic. 
I'd love to hear what you think of this look. I've found it perfect for a breezy summers day!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Meeting people.

This another subject which took me a while to decide if to write about it on my blog or in my diary, as it's kind of a personal stream of thought which may not make much sense. Obviously, I went with the blog, so here goes.

This subject link in quite nicely to the recent post I wrote about having a crush as an adult. Today I want to speak about meeting people as an adult. As I touched on in the blog post I just mentioned, I am beginning to feel more open to dating and being to find myself feeling more attracted people than I have been over quite a period of time (I spent some time appreciating being alone and learning about myself). However now I am somewhat of practice. I'm unaware of how to approach people I feel attracted to both on romantic and friendship levels.

Being 24 social groups are formed, and I'm very happy with my group of friends, don't assume otherwise. However, sometimes I see people and think, I'd like to be their friend, which is something which seems a lot harder to approach now in comparison how it felt when I was 16, and it was even more natural as a child. I thought we were supposed to learn as we grow up, find things easier, not harder - however, that seems to be the case.

I am also more aware of the importance of meaningful relationships. I only want to form strong relationship with people who I feel completely comfortable with who I am and visa vera. I think it's very important to feel like yourself with the people you choose to surround yourself with. I have found it's actually very common that I don't feel myself around certain people. I feel now more than ever there is an importance of quality of friends, rather than quantity. I am very aware of the people who I want to surround myself with, as I believe that these people affect who you are. I don't have the urge to invest in a relationship that I don't actually want to invest in properly.

There is also the question of how do you meet people. I mean, with the internet what it is today in becomes very easy to form relationship online, but how do you take those offline? And as great as dating apps are - do I really want to tell my children I met their dad on tinder? Although I'm sure that will be the case for many children in the future, and at the end of the day, if you met someone you like who gives a fuck how you met? Having said that it's nice to have story to tell about how you met your other half. I'm not completely against the idea of meeting someone online, but I also am not trying that hard to meet someone I'm going to spend hours setting up online dating profiles, and spend my evenings browsing dating sites. I'm very much in the frame of mind that I'm open to meeting someone, but I'm also aware I'm comfortable with being alone.

Also dating apps are great, but what if I want to meet friends too? I mean I know there are apps out there for making friends, but I don't know a single person who uses them. Really I think they're quite under-rated, having friends in just as important as having a partner.

Being both shy and intorverted it's almost more challanging establishing a relationship with someone once I met them. I mean I have many hobbies, but they all feel quite personal to me, so I don't often talk about them in conversation, so needless to say, until I feel a connection with someone I most likely come accross pretty boring, and small talk in definitely not a strong point of mine.

I think I have rambled on enough about meeting new people, I'm not sure if I have made much sense, but still I hope you enjoyed reading this disjointed stream of thoughts as I consider how to go about meeting new people as a un-grown-up adult.

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