This another subject which took me a while to decide if to write about it on my blog or in my diary, as it's kind of a personal stream of thought which may not make much sense. Obviously, I went with the blog, so here goes.

This subject link in quite nicely to the recent post I wrote about having a crush as an adult. Today I want to speak about meeting people as an adult. As I touched on in the blog post I just mentioned, I am beginning to feel more open to dating and being to find myself feeling more attracted people than I have been over quite a period of time (I spent some time appreciating being alone and learning about myself). However now I am somewhat of practice. I'm unaware of how to approach people I feel attracted to both on romantic and friendship levels.

Being 24 social groups are formed, and I'm very happy with my group of friends, don't assume otherwise. However, sometimes I see people and think, I'd like to be their friend, which is something which seems a lot harder to approach now in comparison how it felt when I was 16, and it was even more natural as a child. I thought we were supposed to learn as we grow up, find things easier, not harder - however, that seems to be the case.

I am also more aware of the importance of meaningful relationships. I only want to form strong relationship with people who I feel completely comfortable with who I am and visa vera. I think it's very important to feel like yourself with the people you choose to surround yourself with. I have found it's actually very common that I don't feel myself around certain people. I feel now more than ever there is an importance of quality of friends, rather than quantity. I am very aware of the people who I want to surround myself with, as I believe that these people affect who you are. I don't have the urge to invest in a relationship that I don't actually want to invest in properly.

There is also the question of how do you meet people. I mean, with the internet what it is today in becomes very easy to form relationship online, but how do you take those offline? And as great as dating apps are - do I really want to tell my children I met their dad on tinder? Although I'm sure that will be the case for many children in the future, and at the end of the day, if you met someone you like who gives a fuck how you met? Having said that it's nice to have story to tell about how you met your other half. I'm not completely against the idea of meeting someone online, but I also am not trying that hard to meet someone I'm going to spend hours setting up online dating profiles, and spend my evenings browsing dating sites. I'm very much in the frame of mind that I'm open to meeting someone, but I'm also aware I'm comfortable with being alone.

Also dating apps are great, but what if I want to meet friends too? I mean I know there are apps out there for making friends, but I don't know a single person who uses them. Really I think they're quite under-rated, having friends in just as important as having a partner.

Being both shy and intorverted it's almost more challanging establishing a relationship with someone once I met them. I mean I have many hobbies, but they all feel quite personal to me, so I don't often talk about them in conversation, so needless to say, until I feel a connection with someone I most likely come accross pretty boring, and small talk in definitely not a strong point of mine.

I think I have rambled on enough about meeting new people, I'm not sure if I have made much sense, but still I hope you enjoyed reading this disjointed stream of thoughts as I consider how to go about meeting new people as a un-grown-up adult.