If you read my recent blog post on my 2022 goals I don’t think my word of the year will come as much of a surprise to you. All of the goals seem to tie back into one thing. It wasn’t something that was intentional but then reflecting on the goals I set, I realised they seemed to spell out my word for 2022.

Are you ready for it?!


All of my intentions for the year are fuelled by my desire to be creative.

I want to connect with my creative side again and find joy in making things simply for the joy that bring. I want to find that child-like playfulness within the little daily things like getting dressed, and how I spend my evenings. I want to explore the creativity in my 9-5 and the places where I wouldn't normally expect to find it. 

To find joy in being creative for the sake of being creative, rather than feeling guilty for not using that time to tick things off that endless to-do list.

I think it's important I rediscover that child-like element of myself. I think that could be a ticket to fulfilment and mindfulness for me. 

I want my year to be spent making, painting, and having fun. Creating.

Creating to add some colour to the mundane, creating as an expression of love, creating online, and offline, alone and among others, creating to cut down on buying and creating because I can.

And it's got me excited to feel craft-y again.

Have you set a word for the year?!