There are some days when you want to look polish and chic, whilst keeping it subtle.

I have a lip and nail combo which I have found perfect for achieving this look. Of course, I'm going for nudes, they're on trend and oh so easy to wear with anything and everything. Plus I think nude lips and nails they give a nice sophisticated finish to any look.

The lip and nail shades are both different shades of nude. I personly don't like it too matching so I think they work really well together.
The lighter of the pair is the shade Kissed from the Barry M Coconut Infused Nail Polish range. This is a really easy to wear nude. It's not too dark, not too light, not too brown toned and not too pink toned. It's a very middle of the road nude which I think suits my pale skin tone and makes my nails looking very healthy and polished (pun not intended). I also love the formula of these Barry M Coconut Infused Nail Polish. They're nice to apply, dry fairly quickly, they're pretty long lasting, and they're good for your nails. Plus they're also inexpensive. I'd definitely recommend giving this nail polish a go. 

As for my current go to lip (Yes, I've actually taken a step back from MAC Whirl, I never thought I'd see the day) is created using the very talked about Kylie Lip Kits in the shade Candy K. This is a much darker shade of nude, which I think suits me more when it comes to lips. It's a brown toned nude with a slight pink hint to it and a matte finish. Of course, it was a pain in the ass to get hold of, and a bit bloody expensive once I'd paid for delivery and customs, but worth every penny. I like both the liquid lipstick and the liner, and I'm a lot happier with the shade than I'd expected.

I love wear of both these variations of nude, they've become my go-to! What are your go-to nude shades?