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Monday, 15 October 2018

Eyeliner Obsession | Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner Review.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I recently went through a blue eyeliner phase. The electric blue liner I'd had for months was no longer forgotten at the back of my makeup drawer, instead, I used it most days. I was so impressed with the formula, I found myself spending far more than I intended to in a Kiko Cosmetics store on their 'Super Colour eyeliner' in a fair few shades.

So, after using these for a few months, I can say the shade I first fell in love with, 107 Blue Majorelle is still my favourite, closely followed by the brown shade, 102 Bronze.

Here's the lowdown on the shades I picked up and my thoughts on them:

109 Pearly Purple Cranesbill 

This purple shade has an iridescent glitter running through it, which gives it a pearly looking sparkle.

102 Bronze

This brown shade had a metallic bronze look to it. It contains some glitter but it's much finer and more subtle than the glitter in the shade 109.

108 Pearly Frivolous Pink

I was most excited to get my hands on this pink shade, however, ended up being disappointed with this colour. I find this shade takes a lot more building up than the others and without layering the colour pay off isn't as strong as I'd like. This shade had some so glitter running through it.

115 Midnight Blue  

This deep navy shade is slightly 'flatter' than the rest which is what I like about it, there's not intense glitter running through and only a slight metallic edge to it, it's more subtle and understated.

101 Shimmering Gold 

I'm wearing this shade today, and I've got to say, it feels kind of 'christmasy'. Like the pink one, I find this shade required a bit more build up to get a strong colour pay off. There is plenty of gold glitter in this liner which I think gives it the Christmas feel. The name of this shade Shimmering Gold is completely on point.

107 Blue Majorelle

This is the liner which led me to the others, my favourite. I'd describe this shade a bright, electric blue. There is no glitter in this one, and it's not really metallic, the colour is statement enough without it. You can see a picture of me wearing it here.

The Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner is the longest lasting eyeliner I have ever used. To test this out, I've worked in a nursery from 7.30am -5.30om and at the end of the day, my eyeliner was the only remaining makeup on my face, and it had hardly moved. I've also worn this eyeliner to work out and it's lasted. I've had a full night out, got home and drunkenly misbehaved by not taking off my make up, and in the morning although I felt hanging, my eyeliner looked fresh and fully intact.

However, the long-lasting formula does dry slightly 'crusty', it dries with a sort of hard texture to it, which doesn't always feel or look the nicest to wear, and makes the liner feel more low end, but at the £6.80 price point, it's to be expected at that finish isn't the most luxury.

I love the applicator. The wand is fine, pointed and fairly flexible towards the point, which for me takes the fear out of applying winged liner. The wands make it easy to get right, and the long lid, give some leeway with how you hold the liner when applying it.

I was a little disappointed with some of the shades, I expected a little more colour with some of the 'super colour' I found the shades of the gold, brown and pink to be a little flatter than I expected, I was hoping for something which popped a little more (as the blue does), but overall I have got use out of all the colours - more so than I have with some of my highend eyeliner.


Friday, 12 October 2018

Chasing Little Joys.

On listening to a Nobody Panic podcast, on happiness, I found myself thinking about little joys. I'm someone who chasing tends the big things. I've found myself wrapped in sadness because the big things aren't happening to the timeline which I've decided is appropriate, and when these things do happen, I've built them up so high, that they're often underwhelming.

My main focus has shifted recently. I'm looking for happiness in all the places it hides. I'm searching for the smallest joys in my most mediocre days. Yes, this blog post is probably up there with one of the most cheesy things I've written, but I'm okay with that because I think with gratitude we become a magnet of good things. Yes, I am a law of attraction wanker.

Places I've found happiness recently:

  • One returning from babysitting one Saturday night, rather than heading straight to bed, I found myself, my mum and my stepdad crowded around a phone singing Robbie Williams Angels. I'm not sure how it came about, but it was the purest happiest moment. We're all terrible, like really terrible at singing. English is my stepdads second language so naturally, he was getting the lyrics wrong. The shambles of this heartfelt performance that my neighbours probably hated us for made me grateful, that at 26 years old, I still live with two of my favourite people. It doesn't matter that I'm an adult living with my parents when I have a bloody great time with them.
  • Wearing my favourite perfume - Spritzing on a bit of Glossier You, or Laura Mercier Ambre Passion sends a smile to my face every time I catch a whiff of myself and remember I smell delicious.
  • Listening to a good podcast - Nobody Panic Podcast never fails to make me laugh, and CTRL ALT DELETE  always leaves me feeling inspired.
  • In exercise - Crazy, I know, but there's something about only focusing on my body and nothing more.
  • In texts from friends - from chats about Joe Sugg on Strictly to messages to let me know they're proud, I've found myself smiling at Whatsapp a lot recently.
  • In books - Recently I've got into reading YA fiction again and there's something nostalgic about reading about teenage crushes and friendship, it just feels very wholesome.
  • In ticking off to-do lists - A wave of relief and the feeling of accomplishment always washes over me after a productive day.
  • In cups of tea and magazine articles - This Sunday tradition of mine always leaves me feeling content, so much so that it's become more of a daily tradition than a Sunday one.
  • A social media break - Things we're getting a bit much recently so I decided I needed a bit of social media free time, because follow counts, likes and losing the day to Instagram doesn't always make me feel great, so I deleted the twitter and Instagram apps from my phone and had a few days without worrying about what to post next and scrolling other peoples lives instead of living mine. I'm not perfect, so I obviously slip up a few times and had a peak on the newsfeeds, but I spent so much less time glued to my phone and didn't check Instagram the moment I woke. I might have lost a couple of followers but it was good for my soul.

How I'm making my day to day more joyful:

- Getting dressed every morning, wearing clothes that make me feel good.

- No saving my best, for best. Every day I should be living my best life.

- Turning off my phone more

- Buying what I want, not what's cheapest

- Listening to my intuition.

- Taking breaks when I need them but not letting them lead to unnecessary procrastination.

Photography: madeleiinegraceblogs ... I know you've seen photos from this shoot again and again in posts, I'm sorry - but I love them, so why not get my use out of them!

Monday, 8 October 2018

Women I admire.

After feeling absolutely disgusted that Topshop took down the Feminist Don't Wear Pink pop-up, I wanted to bring a bit of girl power to my blog, so I thought I'd move forward a post I had scheduled for later in the month...

Here is a list of women I admire:

Scarlett Curtis 

Yes, I drafted this list before the whole Topshop thing, and yes, Scarlett Curtis was someone it was inspired by. Scarlett is just doing so many good things for women, she is so wise and spreading so many good messages in the work she does with the Pink Protest, in her journalism, in her use of social media and now through her book and podcast. I am obsessed with her podcast, and I can't wait to read more of her book.

Gina Martin

Gina is bloody inspiring. She campaigned to get the law against upskirting put into place, she spent some much time working to create change for other women, the world would be a better place if we were all this selfless. And beyond that, she often uses her platforms to talk about environmental issues on a day to day bases. I find her Instagram stories are the place to go to be educated on political and environmental issues in a digestible, unpatronising way.

Emma Watson

I feel my understanding of feminism grew a lot from Emma Watson's 'He for She' campaign, it taught me it's not a dirty word and it's wonderful to see someone use there influence for more than selling teeth whitening stripes.

My friend Jaynie 

My friend Jaynie most likely won't expect to have made this list, however, I find she is someone who speaks conversationally and eloquently about issues such as slut-shaming, animal welfare and everyday sexism, so when I decided I wanted to I included someone I know in this list, Jaynie was the first person to come to mind.

Lucy Siegle

I first discovered Lucy when she came to guest lecture at my University. She spoke to us about sustainable fashion and environmental issues. Since I have followed her on twitter and have learnt so much about the impact we have on the environment from her post, she has made me want to be a better person and take better care of our planet.

Victoria Magath/Inthefrow

Victoria is a blogger whose work ethic I really admire, you can see in the quality and quantity of the content she puts out that the girl works undeniably hard. You can see she is quite literally building her dreams and that determination is something we could all do with a bit more of.

Liv Purvis

Liv seems to be the kindest most down to earth blogger, and beyond that, she recently founded The Insecure Girls' Club, and it's just what the internet needs. The fact that she decided to create a hub to make us girls feel better about ourselves is really something.

If you're looking for some new women to follow, this girl gang I think about capable of changing the world, so they're worth having on your radar!

As ever, please let me know some of the great women you admire

C x


Friday, 5 October 2018

Improving my Relationship with my Phone.

Illustration by Ella Masters.

I am well and truly addicted to my phone, and honestly, I hate myself for it. I don't want to spend my time constantly looking at the screen, and losing hours of my life scrolling through Instagram. I love my phone, but sometimes I wonder if I was happier before iPhones were a thing. My phone is both my favourite and least favourite thing. It's great that I can fit so much technology in my pocket, that I have google maps if I get lost and I've always got a camera on me. But honestly, sometimes WhatsApp notification leaving me feeling anxious, and I feel a constant pressure to document life rather than just live it. Sometimes I find myself scrolling and before I've even realised it's happening I've wasted an hour. So with that in mind, my phone and I have headed off the couples therapy and I'm working on building a new positive relationship with it that isn't all consuming.

Here are some of the ways I'm making my time on the phone more positive:

Turning it off 

Actually switching it off, and putting it in a drawer, as if it's a Nokia 3310. It's weird what a difference this makes. It's a reminder that I can be without it, I don't feel tempted to use it as a means of procrastination and it taught me that the world will not end when it's not on. I actually get things done when it's off and when it comes back on, hell I'm reading twitter updated that I haven't already seen four times before and social media actually becomes enjoyable again.

Not sleeping with it under my pillow 

My excuse for sleeping with my phone under my pillow has always been the alarm app, but honestly, I just found myself scrolling Instagram at 2am instead of snoozing. No smart alarm is going to make me less tired in the morning if I'm spending my nights staring at the light of my phone. So, I finally gave in and started placing my phone the other side of the room before bed, it cuts out the late night phone time, which means I sleep better and getting up in the morning is so much easier when I have no choice but to cross my bedroom to turn off that alarm.

Making use of screen time 

The new iPhone update came with the Screen Time feature so you can track how much you're using your phone, only allow use on certain apps for a certain amount of time, and personally, I think it's great, it's worth utilizing. I've set the downtime on my phone so, once it hits 10pm each night, my phone locks the majority of my apps, making it harder to access them. It gives you the option to unlock them, for the night or just for 15 mins, but it's a great reminder to give myself a bit of time away from the screen before settling down to bed.

Deleting some apps 

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I've found deleting certain apps has meant I've spent less time on my phone, using apps which I didn't make me feel good. I used to find myself spending my time on Snapchat and Facebook and really gaining nothing from it. Deleting the apps takes away that temptation.


 I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times before, but unfollowing those whos updates you don't enjoy changes everything. Laura Jane Williams once described Instagram to me as my own personal magazine which I get to curate myself, with that in mind, I tried to make sure it's a magazine which I enjoy every part of, that I come away from feeling good. I'm feeling more liberated with the unfollow button and social media has become a nicer place to be.

Forest App 

Once again, something I've previously mentioned, but if you struggling to put that phone down, or find yourself reaching for it when you should be working, this app is perfect. You set a time limit to grow and virtual tree, and you cannot use your phone until the tree has grown, it's surprising motivation working to grow fake plants.

I hope this helps if you're looking to tone down the phone addiction, I'm certainly spending less on my time looking at the little screen since I've put these things in place.


Monday, 1 October 2018

September Round Up.

I thought it would be nice to wave goodbye to September with a little round up of my month, including all that I got up to and my favourite bits of all the media I consumed...

What I've Been Up To:

- Writing: A whole lot of writing. I finally feel as though I'm making strides on the book I've been banging on about for months. It feels good to actually be writing it, rather than just talking about writing it, which I found was happening earlier in the year. I've also been writing and sending pitches into magazines, and you may have noticed I've bumped up my blog posts to twice a week (Monday mornings and Friday lunchtimes FYI). This has been a month of getting my head down and trying to get ahead with my to-do lists, so I don't spend the rest of the year chasing my own tail trying to keep up with my writing tasks.

- Hjs Birthday: My friend Hannah celebrated turning 27 at the start of the month, so we enjoyed a birthday tea with some close friends and her family. We ate too much cake and had lots of lovely chats.

- Influencer Collective Event: Myself and my friend Madi attended the first ever Influencer Collective event, which was held in a beautiful bar in Bristol. Although I've blogged for years, I've not been to very many blogger events, so I was excited to go to this one. I was a little nervous at first, I'm naturally very shy, so I find events with people I don't know to be a tad overwhelming, but everyone made me feel very welcome. It was lovely to meet some other Bristol based bloggers and influencers. I left with a huge goody bag, and smile on my face, feeling very grateful for the blogging community.

- Wills and Emmas Wedding: This month, my big brother finally got married! They decided Vegas wedding was more suited to them, so sadly I couldn't be there, but I am so happy they finally tied the knot. We all had a drink at home as we watched the video to celebrate. It felt very surreal. I can't wait to celebrate altogether when they return from their holiday.

- Ryleighs First Birthday: My best friends Jaynie's little baby Ryleigh turned 1 which is completely insane. But nonetheless, it's cause for celebration. We enjoyed an afternoon of giant jenga, twister and baby cuddles to celebrate.

 - Decoration Plans: Not so long ago, my sister moved out of the family home, so besides the house is a whole lot quieter, it means one thing, I finally get a decent sized bedroom. At the ages of 26 I can wave goodbye to my single bed, but before doing so, the room needs a little spruce up. So this month I have begun looking at paint samples, peeling wallpaper and planning my future bedroom, please send any interior inspo my way!



- Gossip Girl: Now, I'm going to be completely honest, in typical a Chloe fashion, I've watched the entire Gossip Girl series twice in a row. That right. I finished the series and headed straight back to Season 1 Episode 1. As soon as I found out who gossip girl was, I felt a niggling desire to rewatch it to analyse if that made sense, obsessive I know. The first episode I found quite problematic, especially for Chuck's character, but other than that, I love the series. I'm a little obsessed with Blairs and Chucks relationship, which again, is overly problematic, but there's something about the chemistry between the two. On watching the series the second time around, I also realised, I really don't like Serena's character as much as I originally thought I did. Dorota is obviously my favourite character. Anyway, if you're late to the party like I was, it's worth attending. It's sort of like a hybrid between Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill - so worth a watch.

- To All The Boys I've Loved Before: I've already given something thoughts on this in this blog post. I liked this chick flick, young adult rom-com - despite being aimed at girls 10 years younger than me, this is exactly the genre of film I love, something carefree, with romance. However, I do think because of the hype surrounding it, I found the film slightly disappointing, but I did still enjoy it.

- Sierra Burgess is a Loser: Like many of the reviews I read, I did find this film problematic. Throughout the film Sierra catfishes a guy, pretending to be the pretty girl who's bullied her. Her bully then becomes her friend and helps her catfish the guy. I get what they were trying to do, but it is really not okay to catfish someone, although it might be possible to become friends with someone who has previously bullied you, there would need to be some sort of a conversation, a confrontation about your past with that person, and why on earth did Sierra's friends not convince her, that actually she is good enough for the guy as herself. I don't think films always get it right when they try to explore social media (as they did on All the Boys I Loved Before). I did enjoy watching this film, but I don't think it put across a great message. However, I bloody love Noah Centineo as an actor, and I'm pleased he's appearing in more things (next I'd like him to take on the role of the groom at my wedding tbh).


- Sam Ozkural: As I'm enjoying learning more about the Law of Attraction, I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos on it. Sam Ozkural is someone I've enjoyed coming back to, I find after watching her videos I feel positive and motivated. I don't love the 'diet' type videos she puts up, but I just choose not to watch those ones.

- Shane Dawson: The Mind of Jake Paul: Obviously. Some think this is problematic, personally, I think it's interesting. Sure, Jake doesn't deserve the attention, but he gets it elsewhere anyway, so it may as well be in the form of a documentary trying to understand why he is how he is, right? Shane definitely got carried away with the horror style editing in the second episode of the series, but other than that, I think it's great.


- X-Factor - I rarely turn on the TV. I'm just not really a TV person, if I'm watching something it tends to be either YouTube or Netflix until this time of year comes around and I sit down with my Mum and stepdad to watch The X-Factor. Now if I'm honest, I think aspects of it are outdated, and personally I kind of think it's had its time - I can't see it lasting many more series, but I've got to say, Louis Tomlinson has given it a breath of fresh air, and as much as I don't love it like I used to, I do enjoy spending time with my family watching it.

- Strictly - I'm not usually a fan of Strictly, as I just mentioned we're an X-Factor household and it tends to be one or the other. However, although I'm slightly outside of his usual demographic, I bloody love Joe Sugg, so like many, I'm curious to see him dance, dressed in sequins. I think I could get quite into it. So far, I find the episodes tend to drag a little, and sometimes they're a bit too cringe, but the dancing is impressive nonetheless, so I'm hoping I'll get more hooked as the series goes on.

Reading Material:


To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han: I wrote a full review on this here.

PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han: I've finished the second is the series of To All The Boys I've Loved Before. I won't say much as I don't want to give anything anyway, but I didn't like it as much as the first one. It was good in the sense that I wanted to keep reading, but I found a lot of the relationships in the story felt very immature. I liked the introduction of Stormy's character. There was also less of Margot's character in this book which I somewhat appreciated. There was also less of Josh's character which felt a shame, and quite a lot of John's character considering how much of a small role he played in the first book. I'm on to the third one, so once I finish that I'll let you know my thoughts on the serious a whole.

You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero: This book is great for getting in a positive mindset with money. I love the style of writing, Jen has a friendly but firm tone which I like. I find this book very motivating and inspiring. It is something you have to go into reading with an open mind, it discusses the Law of Attraction a lot throughout, you have to be open to that concept to get all you might want from the book.

Madeleiine Grace: What I Learnt from All the Boys I've Loved

In The Frow: Why We Shouldn't Be Afraid to Praise Ourselves

Liv Purvis: Introducing The Insecure Girls' Club

Wonderful--You: My Career Journey

Hannah Gale: 29

Zadie Smith on Aging in Elle (Oct 18)

Dolly Alderton on Why She's Done with Dating in The Sunday Times Style

Selena Forrest on Viewpoint on Sexuality and Owning It in Vogue (Oct 18)

The Beckhams in Vogue (Oct 18)

Dolly Alderton on The Piers and Paula Theory in Red (Oct 18)

Emma Freud Interview with Ferne Cotton in Red (Oct 18)



- On The Line: Break-ups with Jules Von Hep

- Feminist Don't Wear Pink with Jameela Jamil

- The Fringe of It with Gina Martin

- Millennial Love: Breaking the Stigma of being Single

- At Home with: Callie Thorpe

Excited for:

Feminist Don't Wear Pink and Other Lies by Scarlett Curtis

The remainder of Shane Dawsons In The Mind of Jake Paul

My friend Jess visiting.

Crunchy Autumn Leaves.

Autumn Jumpers.

I hope you had a great month too, let me know your favourite bits from it! 

Friday, 28 September 2018

My Bullet Journal This Month.

Something which has come hand in hand with leaving my job, and attempting this writing thing, is more use of my bullet journal. I've spoken about my bullet journal several times before (here, here and here) however now more than ever, it feels as though my bujo is well and truly my lifeline.

At the start of September, I set up several different pages in my bullet journal in an attempt to be more organised, keep track of how productive I actually am, and become more aware of my own habits. In case you were curious which of those pages were worth my time and which were a waste of paper, here is an entire blog post on them...

Blog post Ideas: 

For any bloggers, this page is essential. I have several of these throughout my bullet journal, but
there's something about having one placed at the start of the month which makes me excited for where my blog might take me in those 30 (or so) days.

September Title Page: 

I'll be honest, this page is time-consuming to create considering how pointless it is, but still I really like it. It gives a new start to this point in my journal which makes everything feel fresh, plus it looks nice.

Goals/To Do: 

I thought if I labelled my goals, 'to-do' they would feel more achievable, it would seem like I was reading a to-do list, rather than something more daunting, which seemed out of reach, however, I was over ambitious when I wrote this list and cannot keep up with it. Part of this page I do love is that I wrote why I wanted to achieve each goal to remind myself what the outcomes will be, which makes me want to put the work in.

Blog Changes:

There are parts of this blog which need changing, updating and some which I just need to push the delete button on. Keeping a list is reminding me to slowly make those changes, however, sometimes having it feels like a constant reminder of a never-ending to-do list, which can either be a kick up the bum or guilt-inducing depending on my mood.

Habits, Mood and Cycle Trackers: 

I've made it part of my evening routine to fill in my habit tracker, and I've managed it most nights. I'm actually enjoying that bit of reflection time. However next month I think I'll separate it into segments. such as self-care, writing, fitness, blogging etc so at a glance I can see what aspects of life I'm putting my all in, and where I can do with giving myself an extra bit of love. I also like to track my moods and hormone cycle on the same page so I can see how things correlate, what habits make me happy, and how my hormones affect that.

Hourly Productivity and Mood Trackers:

This great when I actually fill it out. I can look for patterns in the times which I'm unproductive and whether my mood is related to this. Also, it makes me realise how much my day was busy and how much time I was probably aimlessly scrolling Instagram. However, keeping up with it can be a pain in the ass, as you can see I've not been consistent with filling it out, but as I spoke about in this blog post, when I've filled it out, it has been eye-opening.

Tries, Fails and Successes:

 The idea for this page came off the back of a tweet about how aiming to fail a certain amount of time ultimately will lead to success. After having just a fail and success list, I soon realised with most things you don't immediately know that result, so I added it a try list where I can write things down while I wait to hear back.  This list also makes me see when I'm not trying enough when the list is looking pretty short, (as it in the photograph) I know I haven't been putting my all in.

Articles Read: 

 I decided to keep a list of the article I've been reading, to make sure I'm actually reading and just in case any articles spark some bright ideas. At first I loved this page, it made me want to read more - then one Sunday I basically filled the page and realised if I'm reading the amount I want to be reading  I'll get through a lot of paper and it's a pain in the ass to write down every time I read something.

Pitch Tracker

 I'm trying to send pitches into a magazine on a regular base, so a) I get better at pitching and as b) my words will never get published beyond this blog if I don't. So I've made myself a pitch tracker with the columns: pitch ideas, pitches written, pitches sent and pitch responses which I've found very useful to keep up with where I am at with it. At the moment it's looking a lot emptier than I want to be, which is a reminder that the work won't do itself.

Writing Tracker: 

As I left my job, ultimately to write, I'd like to make sure I'm writing more than I'm talking about writing, which is an easy trap to fall into, so I created a writing tracker for the month, so each day I can see what words I actually got down. I've found this to be quite motivating, but also quite squashed, in future I would not have an entire month on one page.


I'm trying to manifest the life I want. I read this list most days to remind myself of the direction I want to be heading in.

Month To Do:

You know the general stray bits and bobs you want to get done in the month which never really make it onto your daily to-do lists, well, this is that list of things, so hopefully, I can get around to ticking them off, which was unlikely while they lived in the back of my mind.

Pitch Ideas Mindmap 

I need to find ideas somewhere. Everytime one pops into my head, no matter how vague it is, I write it down here, then I can refer back and refine ideas.

As you can see from the images, these pages are all a working process, and we're taken earlier in the month, so some of them are looking a little sparse - either way if you into bullet journalling or just like to be organised, I hope you found this post useful. I'm definitely don't create a bullet journal full of perfect doodles like I often see on Instagram, but I love it none the less.

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