I recently had a trip to the opticians. As I waited for my eye test I spotted these specs and fell in love with them. I found myself sort of hoping that I might need reading glasses just so I could wear these lovely frames.

When I found out I did need to get myself some glasses as my vision is not quite up to scratch, I spent a long time trying on every style of glasses they had to offer, and yet still I found myself coming straight back to these ones.
Being Tom Ford, they were one of the more pricey options, however, I felt the style was so perfect and suited me so well, that I was more than happy to spend the money, after all, I'll be wearing them a lot won't I?

The frames are an ombre brown shade, which I think suits my colouring perfectly. The kind lady who helped me in the opticians said, well she went with something along the lines of. "the colouring is perfect for you, they suit you more than any others".
They're quite large glasses, however, I have quite a small face so I think they look bigger on me than they actually are. I wanted larger lenses as I think it nice to have statement glasses. The frames somewhere in between a circle and a square which I really like.

I was so happy when my new glasses arrived, they're the perfect addition to any outfit, I've been wearing almost all of the time, although my vision only says I need to them occasionally, they're oh so very me, I can't seem to take them off. As you can probably tell from the excessive amount of photographs, I am madly in love with them. 

What do you think of my new accessory?