Image of Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Scrub
Clean and Clear Morning Energy (£3.99)

This post may be a little premature as I have only been using this product for just a few weeks, but so far I've been so impressed by it I felt it deserved a little blog post.  The Morning Energy Daily Brightening Scrub by Clean & Clear is usually £3.99, but I got it on offer for a little less which I think is good value for the product.

I have really sensitive skin so always feel a little anxious when it comes to trying new skin products just in case my skin reacts badly, the facial scrub, however, has not irritated my skin in the slightest - and it's even scented (a lovely refreshing lemony smell). 

This product is perfect to add to your morning routine, especially if like me you're not really a morning person, it just wakes you up that little bit more. It leaves your skin feeling cool, clean and refreshed for a while after use. I can see a difference in my skins since I've been using this, it's feeling really soft and I do think it makes my skin look that little bit brighter too. - whether I can only see this difference because I'm looking out for it, I'm not sure. Nonetheless, I'm happy with the difference I can see.

It does say this product can be used during the evening too, but so far I've only used it in the morning as I feel it's too awaken for use before bed - however, I think it will give it a go as my skin feels super soft since I began using this scrub. 

So to wrap this post up, I would strongly recommend this product if you're looking for a refreshing face exfoliator on a budget. Really good value, great smell, and visible results. I will definitely be picking up this face scrub again.

What are your favourite skincare products?

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