After constant lusting and a manic search around Superdrug to find a worthy dupe, I finally gave in a bought myself the new Chanel  Les 4 Ombres in new Candeur Et Expérience shade. The quad contains all matte shades. Three of which are browns and the final is a beautiful red shade. It was originally the red which attracted me to the palette. I mean, as lovely as the browns may be, we all have plenty of neutral shades eyeshadows in our collections, right? Red, however, is a different story. I searched high street brands to find similar colours, but is seems reds are really quite lacking outside of palettes, which is ridiculous considering the stunning look a red can create.

I've got to say, despite the hefty price tag, this palette was worth every penny. I love all of the shades, and will get plenty of wear from each colour. You can create many looks with the 4 shades, and I think the matte finish gives the shadow a striking maturity. As I have touched on, the red shade is gorgeous and can be used to create a real statement look. The other brown shades are very warm and really compliment my pale skin tone. Although I have many brown eyeshadows, I often find them to be slightly too cool to achieve the look I want - so despite my neutral eyeshadow obsession, the palette is certainly filling a gap in my collection (which also makes me feel much better about splashing out when I was supposed to be saving money).

Being Chanel, of course, the packaging is super sophisticated, with the classic black with white Chanel logo, which opens up to the shadows, a mirror and two miniature sponge brushes for application. I usually think sponge brushes are a waste of time and money, because let's are realistic, most of us whack out a MAC 217, and one of our real techniques favourites to apply and blend our shadow. However, I tried these out of curiosity, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality the brushes, and what a lovely job they did of blending. I won't be using them on a regular bases, but I can see myself relying on them for travel which saves packing extra, or worrying if you forget.

On first impressions, I am very pleased with this palette. I think it has that Chanel luxury feel, I love every single colour, and the quality of the eyeshadow and the package makes it worth the higher price tag.

I'm really happy with this look I created  when playing with the quad for the first time. 
What do you think? 

Chloë x