Sunday, 29 November 2015

Weekly Round Up

Turquoise Colour Obsession | A Girly Catch Up | Jelly Beans & Candle Light
Cute Card | New Essie Polish | Wash my Brushes

November 23rd-29th
Feelings: I've been pretty happy this week

Work: Work has been okay, I had one particularly crap day, but I did have monday off so it was a short week.

Home: home life has been home life. It's my Brothers Birthday today, which mean last night we had a take away and some family time which was nice.

Out and About: Monday Evening I had a catch up with two girls I used to work with, it was lovely to see with them both. Friday Night I went out for my friend Jess' birthday which was lots of fun and Saturday I had a little solo shopping trip to get a few xmas bits and my brothers birthday present

Watching and Reading: If I'm honest, there's nothing really coming to mind for the watching and reading section - I've just been watching and reading the same old stuff - I'm looking for a new book to get lost in, if you have any recommendations please comment.

Purchases: Essie Polish again (I think I'm obsessed) I got the shades Figi and  A Cut Above in a set and some cuticle oil, a christmas jumper (eekk) and my brother birthday present.

Highlight of the week: Seeing Jen and Mims, going out for Jess' birthday and having a family night in, I can't choose, I've had a pretty good week.

Goal for next week: Eat well all week

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Washing my Make Up Brushes.

Brushes before the clean
 As I was about to give my Make Up Brushes a much needed wash, I decided to take a few pictures to share how I clean my much loved brushes.
What I do it so simple and cheap. I don't use any fancy brush clean products, I simply use whatever shampoo I have lying around the house, and I think this works perfectly fine. It certainly does the job and with the shampoo I've used here especially it leaves the brushes smelling lovely. 
1) To start off, I squirt a dollop of shampoo into the palm of my hand.
2) Massage in the shampoo into the damp brush/brushes - if it's small brushes I'll do a few at a time - and just swirl them all together into the shampoo in my hand.
 3) Run the brushes under cold water, using my finger to ensure I get as all the bubbles and make up out.

4) Once I'm happy with how clean they are, I'll give them a squeeze to get out any excess water, and lay them out on some kitchen roll in the window seal to dry (usually takes a night or so).

Easy Peasy.


Friday, 27 November 2015

Explicit Content Palette | Review

I recently picked up the I heart Make Up Explicit Content Palette. After hearing good things about it, and with the £7.99 price tag, I couldn't exactly say no.
The palette contains 36 shades, and a great size mirror.
 The super pigmented shades have you covered from your browns, to your bronzes, burgundies, blues and blacks. 
The great shade range consists of some almost matt shades with a small steak of glittering going through, and some super shimmery shades - which personally, I love.
I'm so impressed with this palette, I've already got a lot of use out of it - I've even been a bit daring and used the blue shades, more than once!

Personally I think this palette has it all, and I get believe how inexpensive it was!

What's your favourite palette?
I have fallen madly in love with this one.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Colour Obsession | Turquoise

For Halloween this year I dressed up as a Mermaid, and it made me realise, another one of my colour obsession is this Aqua/Turquoise shade! I have so many bit and pieces I love in the colour, and I loved having the excuse to do a whole make up look using  just aqua blue shades for Halloween.

It's not a colour you think of when it comes to Autumn/Winter - I however like to wear bright colours/make up this time of year to brighten up my look and contrast with the dull weather around.

Here are some of the Aqua product I've been enjoying...

Topshop Ear Cuffs - I'm not usually into statement earrings, I however fell in love with these.
Blue Topshop Glitter Pot - I got this for my mermaid fancy dress, I am now of course looking for another excuse to cover myself in these pretty blue sequins.
H&M Sequin Skirt - One the website it actually says this skirt is green, but the iridescent sequins give off both green and blue shades, and whatever colour it is, it's gorgeous.
Maybelline Matt Drama Chromatics in Turquoise - this is a beautiful liner for a colourful statement eye.
Barry M Liquid in Eyeliner Turquoise - I have had this eyeliner forever and always whip it back out if I want a simple way to brighten up my make up look.
Sleek i-Divine Original Palette - this palette has some highly pigmented amazing blue shades, along with many other great colours.
Models Own Colour Chrome in Turquoise - Such an amazing statement nail polish, I've never seen a shade quite like this one.
Bourjois Paris La Laque Nail Varnish in Ni Vernis Bleu - Another statement polish which I love.
Apple Ipod Touch in Blue - My trusty iPod I've used it everyday for years since I had it - they don't even do this one anymore, but I love it nonetheless.

It is the colour you get a lot of wear out of?



Monday, 23 November 2015

A Day with Mummy | Vlog

A few weeks ago I had a lovely day off work which I'd spent with my Mum, so I decided to Vlog it. 
I'm still new to vlogging and video editing, but it's something I'd like to spend more time on, so I'd love to hear what you think of this vlog and hopefully you'll be seeing more on my Youtube Chanel soon!

If you enjoyed this vlog, please pop over to my Youtube Chanel and Subscribe, a bit of encouragement when you're are new to something is always nice.

I hope you enjoyed this vlog, I most definitely enjoyed the day - I need days like that with my mum more often! 


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Weekly Round Up

The Instagram Catch Up:
Right to left: Homemade apple crisps | One from my birthday night out | Hayfield Yarn for a little something I'm making
Left to Right: Work puppy | Important Quote | Neil's Yard Haul
November 16th - 22nd
Feelings: I've been feeling a lot more myself this week. I have been happy and productive.

Work: I've had the best work week in a long time (besides one thing I won't go into), I've even got sent home early on Friday which made a nice change from my usual staying late.

Home: Another week I've spent a lot of time at home, I've been spending a lot of time home blogging, I'm trying to get organised and getting ready to do blogmas (that's right, I think blogmas will be happening over here)

Out and About: I've spent the majority of my week at home of at work again. However I did go out for food with some friends for Matts birthday during the week which was lovely, I had a much needed catch up with a lot of my friends.

Watching and Reading: Watching: I've been getting excited for Christmas watching Zoella's old Vlogmas' all week - I've not sure how it started, but I'm addicted.
Reading: I've been ready a lot of blogs this week. I think my current favourite blog is Poppy Deyes. Her photography is amazing and the posts are always a well written easy read.

Purchases: I don't think I've actually bought anything this week, besides food, of course.

Highlight of the week: Seeing my friends for Matts birthday meal. It was lovely to have a catch up with anyone. We even did the colouring sheets they have for children in the restaurant - that's right, it was great.

How last weeks goal went: I didn't quite manage a blog post each day - however I'm really happy with the ones I did publish - I ended up going to quality over quantity and spent longer on the ones I did publish

Goal for next week: Prepare my first week of blogmas posts and schedule them all.

How's your week been?



Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fighting the Winter Blues

Despite how much I love this time of year, there are some things about it which really aren't ideal. Keeping your skin looking healthy and hydrated is definitely one of them. I'm certainly not a fan of matte skin, I like a dewy look, but when the colder weather hits my skin does not naturally seem to have a dewy look. I suffer from quite dry skin, so Autumn/Winter I seem to get dehydrated skin and dry patches which make up clings to - not quite the look I'm set on when I apply makeup. And on top of that this time of year I just find it harder to feel healthy and good about myself - so when ALOHA contacted me, I decided to it would be a good idea to work with them and put together a little blogpost on how I deal with these winter blues.

Drink more water - I find this time of year as it's no longer hot, I find myself more likely to forget to drink water, so I've got myself a water bottle which I carry around with my and I am feeling the benefits - my skin doesn't seem quite so dehydrated and I'm just feeling all around better. Sometimes I'll add lemon slices to my water, to give it a bit of flavour and to feel all those health benefits

Lipbalm, Lipbalm, Lipbalm - dry lips aren't nice. The EOS lipbalm isgodsendend I swear, it has saved my lips recently. The only complaint I have is the packaging doesn't really make it suitable to carry in your pocket - but it looks cool on my bedside table and I can pop it in my handbag

Eating healthy - here's one where I really need to practise what I preach. I've been feeling pretty slobby recently if I'm honest, I've been comfort eating a lot and struggling to get into being healthy again, however, I was contacted by someone at ALOHA about this blogpost, and I'm finally feeling inspired to be healthy again. They have some many great looking recipes on their website that I couldn't wait to try some out, so I decided to give the Baked Apple Chip a go as I thought they'd be a great healthy replacement for my usual crisps/chips. They were super easy to make, didn't take make ingredients, super delicious and healthy, plus they filled my kitchen with an incredible cinnom, coconut apple scent while they cooked. Can't really go wrong there.

Rimmel wake me up foundation - This is my holy grail foundation, I can't remember a time I didn't use this foundation. It leaves my skin look glowing and isn't too heavy.

Neals Yard Remedies Facial Oil - a new favourite of mine, I've been using this constantly since purchasing it, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

The Body shop Body Butter - everyone loves the bodyshop body butters right?! Unfortunately, the one I'm lovin' at the moment was a limited edition that I stocked up on. The Smokey Poppy Body Butter has the most beautiful dusky scent and does wonders for my skin this time of year. 

 How do you fight the winter blues?
Have you tried out any of the Aloha recipes?

Love Chloé



Friday, 20 November 2015

Farfetch Holiday Season Party Outfit | Competition

I was recently contacted about entering a competition for Farfetched.
The competition is pretty great, to be entered I was required to put together an outfit for the Party Season and tell you guys about it. Being interested in styling and shopping, this competition seemed a pretty fun blogpost idea, regardless of the competition entry aspect.

After spending ages scrolling through beautiful garments and accessories on the Farfetch website, and after lusting after nearly everything on my screen, I finally settled with an outfit...
 so here it is...

After some umming and erring over colour choices, I decided to stick with a fairly  neutral monochrome theme for my outfit to create a classic style, with some metallic detail on the intricate beading of the top, and to follow this metallic theme through to the simple clutch.
As it's chilly this time of year I decided to add a pastel pink fur jacket as a statement piece which will both keep you warm and add some colour to the outfit. 

I've put in some make up that I'd use alongside the outfit. The  Dior  5 Couleur Palette in the shade Montaigne would be perfect to create a golden/bronze eye to compliment the look. I've also put in the By Terry Ombre Black Star in the Shade Blue Obsession as I thought it would create a beautiful pop of colour underneath the eye, and of course a classic red Chanel lip, which is perfectly festive and elegant.

Re-create this look your? Here are the links to where you can find it all...

Pink Jacket
Lace beaded crop top
Black Skirt
Black Bra (under top)
Copper Clutch
Crystal Earrings
Black Heeled Ankle Boots
Rose Gold Cherry Blossom Ring

By Terry Ombre Blackstar (shade: 14, Blue Obsession)
Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick (shade: 99, pirate)
Dior 5 Couleurs Palette (shade: 646 30 Montaigne)

What do you think of the pieces I've chosen?
I'd love to rock this look for a Christmas Party!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Colour Obsession | Oxblood

When I treated myself to the beautiful Mulberry purse, I realised I am a little obsessed with the oxblood colour, especially this time of year!
My current go to Lipstick and Nail Varnish are in almost the exact same colour as my purse. I get so much wear out of this colour. The shade some how makes a subtle statement, giving an Autumn Winter vibe to any outfit, and is neutral enough to pair with almost anything.
Nail Polish: Essie Wicked
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco 21 Rivoli
Purse: Mulberry Small Oxblood Purse
The perfect items to finish off a classic sophisticated look.

What's your favourite colour to accessorise with at the moment?

I'm thinking doing a more of these colour obsession posts, so this may be the first in a little series. Let me know what you think!


Monday, 16 November 2015

Neal's Yard Remedies Haul and Reviews

A month or so ago I had a bit of a splurge in Neal's Yard Remedies. My skin was feeling crappy and I felt in a definite need of a updated skincare routine - so I found myself at the till in Neal's Yard on my lunch break, passing over my debit card for pretty much, everything that took my fancy.

I probably spent more than I should have on skincare in one day, however, I think it's paid off.
My skin is feeling the benefits, even if my bank balance did not.

The Nourishing Orange Flower Night Cream (£25) - I'm really enjoying using this night cream. It's quite a thick consistency and my skin begins to feel sort of tight when I apply it, which I like, it feels as though it doing something. The scent is also nice, not too over-powering. 

Honey & Orange Facial Scrub (£16) - This is my least favourite of the products I purchased. It does the job, however, I feel it's a little rough for my sensitive skin and I'm not a fan of the thick texture. 

Orange Flower Facial Oil (£24.75) - I love this oil. It just leaves my skin feeling great.

Orange Flower Daily Moisturiser (£25)  - I really like this, but I do think you can find some high street moisturisers which do a similar job. It's a great product, I just think you don't necessarily need to splash out on a moisturiser when there are some great ones in the drugstore, however, this one is lovely if you do like to spend a little more on your moisturiser

Aromatherapy Room Spray Calming (£17) - As I spent so much that I received a free room spray which is worth £17, which is of course great, and I will be buying this again. I'm really impressed with this room spray, a few sprites around the room and I do feel a sense of calm. It's not too overpowering, just enough, my only complaint would be is that the scent does not linger as long as I would like.

With the majority of these bits I have gone for products which are aimed at people with dry skin (besides the room spray obviously, and the scrub),  and I can clearly see how the condition of my skin has improved after using them for just a few months. My skin is a lot less dry and dehydrated.

Plus the packaging is so lovely and luxurious on all of the Neal's Yard Remedies products, they look so pretty on your dressing table, which positive for me.

I'm so pleased with all my Neal's Yard buys, and it's a brand I will be going back to, to either repurchase some of these bits or see what else they have to offer me. 

What's your go-to skincare brand?


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Weekly Round Up.

This is my first weekly round up in a couple of weeks, so sorry about that! But it's back.

Instagram Catch Up
Left - Right: A sad day in the history books, pray for Paris | A Lush Bath | Vogue | Cult Beauty Delivery | Wine with Lunch (from the week before) | Halloween Selfie 

November 9th- 15th
Feelings: If I'm completely honest, I've been feeling a little frustrated with myself this week, and stressed about little things and a few things on my mind, really not the ideal way to feel, but could be worse.

Work: A bit of a mixed bag with work this week. I've had some very stressful intense days, and some good days.

Home: I've spent a lot of time at home this week, which is sometimes needed. A cosy night in with the X Factor and lie in the next day has been perfect.

Out and About: I've had very much a week at home this week after being busy with birthday plans last week, I felt like I needed a quite week.

Watching and Reading: Watching: Netflix - I finished PLL this week, I have mixed emotions about finding out who A is. There are other characters I thought would have been involved. Any new Netflix series recommendation, comment below, I need a new series to obsess over. 
Watching: Youtube - I've really been enjoying  videos from Lily Pebbles and Vivanna does makeup, I especially loved Anna's Autumn Capsule Wardrobe and Lily's Casual Autumn Lookbook.
Reading: Magazine - Karlie Kloss on Vogue. Love Love Love.

Purchases: Vogue, and my Stilla Stay all day liner and Anastasia Beverly Hill Cream Contour Kit arrived from Cult Beauty. The eyeliner is a godsend, and I'm yet to try the contour kit, but I'll update you when I do. 

Highlight of the week: Today - I've photographed, blogged and planned all day. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with organising my blog, plus I finally have my camera back so really appreciating being able to take decent photos again.

Goal for next week: Publish a blogpost I'm happy with each day.

I hope you've all had a good week.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Turning 24...

A week ago I had my 24th birthday - crazy I know, only feels like last week that I celebrated my 18th birthday and I definitely don't feel old enough to be 24 (not that 24 is old, just older than I feel). I had the best birthday so I wanted to share it with you! Unfortunately my camera was being repaired on the day, so IPhone 6 quality photos are the best I can do.

I managed to get my birthday off work - however I didn't get a lie in as my Mum and Sister also had the day off which meant they planned the day out for me. I woke up in the morning to balloons and a pile of presents. All of which were wonderful and thoughtful (and will be appearing in the future blogpost).

Once I'd opened my presents, my auntie Carol appeared at the door to wish me happy birthday and join us for the day. 
In the morning we headed to the Mulberry outlet store to have a look around. Which was great, I love a bit of window shopping, especially for Mulberry, I even treated myself to a little purse - well it was my birthday after all. 

Of course we had to have a little coffee and cake pick me up before looking around a few other shops.

Once we were all shopped out, we headed to Berwick lodge for the most wonderful afternoon tea.
The building was beautiful, had a room to ourselves and some very yummy sandwiches, scones and cakes, with, of course a classic cup of English breakfast tea. It was the perfect ladies afternoon.


Once I got home from a lovely day with my favourite ladies in my family, I went to see my the rest of my favourite girls. Myself and a few friends had a take away, watched some fireworks (the upside to having your birthday the day after bonfire night). and had a much needed catch up with each other - it was the nicest night in!

It was the nicest birthday spent with some of my favourite people who made it really special. 

I'd love to hear how you'll be celebrating your next birthday.

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