Brushes before the clean
 As I was about to give my Make Up Brushes a much needed wash, I decided to take a few pictures to share how I clean my much loved brushes.
What I do it so simple and cheap. I don't use any fancy brush clean products, I simply use whatever shampoo I have lying around the house, and I think this works perfectly fine. It certainly does the job and with the shampoo I've used here especially it leaves the brushes smelling lovely. 
1) To start off, I squirt a dollop of shampoo into the palm of my hand.
2) Massage in the shampoo into the damp brush/brushes - if it's small brushes I'll do a few at a time - and just swirl them all together into the shampoo in my hand.
 3) Run the brushes under cold water, using my finger to ensure I get as all the bubbles and make up out.

4) Once I'm happy with how clean they are, I'll give them a squeeze to get out any excess water, and lay them out on some kitchen roll in the window seal to dry (usually takes a night or so).

Easy Peasy.