A week ago I had my 24th birthday - crazy I know, only feels like last week that I celebrated my 18th birthday and I definitely don't feel old enough to be 24 (not that 24 is old, just older than I feel). I had the best birthday so I wanted to share it with you! Unfortunately my camera was being repaired on the day, so IPhone 6 quality photos are the best I can do.

I managed to get my birthday off work - however I didn't get a lie in as my Mum and Sister also had the day off which meant they planned the day out for me. I woke up in the morning to balloons and a pile of presents. All of which were wonderful and thoughtful (and will be appearing in the future blogpost).

Once I'd opened my presents, my auntie Carol appeared at the door to wish me happy birthday and join us for the day. 
In the morning we headed to the Mulberry outlet store to have a look around. Which was great, I love a bit of window shopping, especially for Mulberry, I even treated myself to a little purse - well it was my birthday after all. 

Of course we had to have a little coffee and cake pick me up before looking around a few other shops.

Once we were all shopped out, we headed to Berwick lodge for the most wonderful afternoon tea.
The building was beautiful, had a room to ourselves and some very yummy sandwiches, scones and cakes, with, of course a classic cup of English breakfast tea. It was the perfect ladies afternoon.


Once I got home from a lovely day with my favourite ladies in my family, I went to see my the rest of my favourite girls. Myself and a few friends had a take away, watched some fireworks (the upside to having your birthday the day after bonfire night). and had a much needed catch up with each other - it was the nicest night in!

It was the nicest birthday spent with some of my favourite people who made it really special. 

I'd love to hear how you'll be celebrating your next birthday.