For Halloween this year I dressed up as a Mermaid, and it made me realise, another one of my colour obsession is this Aqua/Turquoise shade! I have so many bits and pieces I love in the colour, and I loved having the excuse to do a whole make up look using just aqua blue shades for Halloween.

It's not a colour you think of when it comes to Autumn/Winter - I, however, like to wear bright colours/make up this time of year to brighten up my look and contrast with the dull weather around.

Here are some of the Aqua product I've been enjoying...

Topshop Ear Cuffs - I'm not usually into statement earrings, I, however, fell in love with these.
Blue Topshop Glitter Pot (similar linked) - I got this for my mermaid fancy dress, I am now, of course, looking for another excuse to cover myself in these pretty blue sequins.
H&M Sequin Skirt (similar linked) - On the website, it actually says this skirt is green, but the iridescent sequins give off both green and blue shades, and whatever colour it is, it's gorgeous.
Maybelline Matte Drama Chromatics in Turquoise - this is a beautiful liner for a colourful statement eye.
Barry M Liquid in Eyeliner Turquoise - I have had this eyeliner forever and always whip it back out if I want a simple way to brighten up my make up look.
Sleek i-Divine Original Palette - this palette has some highly pigmented amazing blue shades, along with many other great colours.
Models Own Colour Chrome in Turquoise - Such an amazing statement nail polish, I've never seen a shade quite like this one.
Bourjois Paris La Laque Nail Varnish in Ni Vernis Bleu - Another statement polish which I love.
Apple iPod Touch in Blue - My trusty iPod I've used it every day for years since I had it - they don't even do this one anymore, but I love it nonetheless.

It is the colour you get a lot of wear out of?