November 23rd-29th
Feelings: I've been pretty happy this week

Work: Work has been okay, I had one particularly crap day, but I did have Monday off so it was a short week.

Home: home life has been in home life. It's my Brothers Birthday today, which mean last night we had a takeaway and some family time which was nice.

Out and About: Monday Evening I had a catch up with two girls I used to work with, it was lovely to see with them both. Friday Night I went out for my friend Jess' birthday which was lots of fun and Saturday I had a little solo shopping trip to get a few Xmas bits and my brothers birthday present

Watching and Reading: If I'm honest, there's nothing really coming to mind for the watching and reading section - I've just been watching and reading the same old stuff - I'm looking for a new book to get lost in, if you have any recommendations please comment.

Purchases: Essie Polish again (I think I'm obsessed) I got the shades Fiji and A Cut Above in a set and some cuticle oil, a Christmas jumper (eekk) and my brother birthday present.

Highlights of the week: Seeing Jen and Mims, going out for Jess' birthday and having a family night in, I can't choose, I've had a pretty good week.

Goal for next week: Eat well all week