November 16th - 22nd
Feelings: I've been feeling a lot more myself this week. I have been happy and productive.

Work: I've had the best work week in a long time (besides one thing I won't go into), I've even got sent home early on Friday which made a nice change from my usual staying late.

Home: Another week I've spent a lot of time at home, I've been spending a lot of time home blogging, I'm trying to get organised and getting ready to do blogmas (that's right, I think blogmas will be happening over here)

Out and About: I've spent the majority of my week at home at work again. However I did go out for food with some friends for Matts birthday during the week which was lovely, I had a much-needed catch up with a lot of my friends.

Watching and Reading: Watching: I've been getting excited for Christmas watching Zoella's old Vlogmas' all week - I've not sure how it started, but I'm addicted.
Reading: I've been ready a lot of blogs this week. I think my current favourite blog is Poppy Deyes. Her photography is amazing and the posts are always a well written easy read.

Purchases: I don't think I've actually bought anything this week, besides food, of course.

Highlight of the week: Seeing my friends for Matts birthday meal. It was lovely to have a catch up with anyone. We even did the colouring sheets they have for children in the restaurant - that's right, it was great.

How last weeks goal went: I didn't quite manage a blog post each day - however, I'm really happy with the ones I did publish - I ended up going to quality over quantity and spent longer on the ones I did publish

Goal for next week: Prepare my first week of blogmas posts and schedule them all.

How's your week been?