A few weeks ago I saw Liv Purvis post a tweet about The Bloggers Market, I thought "that looks cool, I'd love to go to that.. oh it's in London, such a shame it's not in Bristol"... and then I realised that I am more than capable of getting to and from London, and I have a Uni friend in London... Bristol is really not that far, so why would I not go? So I booked a Megabus (gotta save the pennies) there and a train back (thought I'd treat myself to a train on the way home, considering getting there came to a total of £8).

My friend Jess was able to come along too - it gave us the perfect excuse for a much-needed catch-up and also meant I didn't have to go alone. Win-win.

I had a great day. Sadly, that did result in not taking as many photos as I would have liked (who else forgets about their camera when they're having too much fun?). We looked around all of the cute clothes (I only ended up getting a jacket -  Jess and Ellie were a bit luckier with the shopping than me), we ate sweets, and we did a bullet journaling workshop with Ohh Deer.

It was lovely to see how normal and lovely all of the big bloggers are. Zoe and Liv both complimented my T-Shirt (thank you ASOS) and I felt very cool. I also got a selfie with Liv... I, of course temporarily forgot how my phone works... because we all know my blog is pretty much a What Olivia Did fan account, and Liv had to remind me how to put it onto Selfie mode (I tried to press the timer...smooth).

The Girls (Liv, ZoeCarrie, Lucy, Kristabel and Kim) all did such a wonderful job organising the day - there were so many amazing quality pieces there, they set up space to Instagram heaven and everyone was so friendly and happy to be there, and of course, I got to see my friend Jess (and meet Ellie) which was lovely. A fab day all round.
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