When I was younger, I didn't really understand the term feminist. It has been portrayed to me as Women, who didn't shave their armpits, shouting loudly, about pretty much nothing. Thankfully, I am a lot more educated now. But isn't everyone to an extent? I'd like to think so. With Topshop and H&M selling tee with the word Feminist written across the front - being a feminist is pretty much a fashion statement.

Something which has baffled me is the negativity this has received. I've read articles which claim everyone's a feminist, and we wear the t-shirts to look cool. But isn't the ultimate goal for everyone to be a feminist. It's that what we're aiming for? To have people proudly show off their feminism? Objectify normal is still something we see normalised in day to day life - clearly everyone isn't a feminist, so we need to shout a little louder, so what is wearing a statement tee is a way we choose to do so.

Women deserve the same rights as men. I should not be afraid to lose my friends on a night out in case someone takes advantage of a 'girl who had too much to drink', and I am just as capable of doing a job as a man is. And on that note, there should not be shame around men who show their emotions. Men and woman should be treated as equal.

So my point - who gives a fuck if it's a fashion trend, isn't that what we're hoping for? We want everyone to hear about feminism, to do be educated. It's good to see so many people show they're proud to be feminist, even if it's through wearing a £20 Topshop tee or an international woman day hashtag on an Instagram, but let's make sure we continue to talk about it beyond a day when we see it follow through our social media accounts, and continue to support girls, and boys and women and men in whatever way we know.

As a fashion trend, I hope it does not go out of style.