Hello, and happy bank holiday weekend (if you're in the UK that is).

This week has felt like a fairly positive, yet lazy one for me.

What have I been up to?
I've had a fairly quiet week. I've just been working, filming, blogging and applying for jobs, of course. I did have a chilled evening in with a takeaway and friends one night which was lovely and went for Nando with Mum and Flo last night because of the whole CBA to cook thing - which was just nice to get out of the house.

My Blog
I was really pleased with the post I put up this week about style changes. I love how the photos turned out. All photographs on my blog, I take myself - including the ones which I am in, using the magic of a self-timer and a phone remote. I have no help at all, this blog is truly a one-woman army, and that is something I am beginning to release I should have more pride in.

I didn't post on Thursday, as I'd said previously, I wasn't going to post for the sake of post when I didn't feel I had anything worthy of posting - but I will be back on my full schedule next week hopefully, as the inspiration is flowing!

My Youtube Chanel
This week I also filmed a lookbook for my Youtube Channel - again, entirely by myself. I've never edited a lookbook before, so it's turning out to be quite a challenge, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. It should be live on my Youtube channel Wednesday 10th May.

This week I posted my first episode in my Dear Dad series - it was a very short vlog from last week, which would be amazing if you could check it out.

Reading - Books
I'm currently reading two new books, I've only just started reading both, so I can't give too much feedback as of yet. The first is On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Flecher. I'm very curious to see what direction this book is headed in. So far, I'm not sold, I just can't seem to buy into the idea yet.

The other book I just began reading is The Life-Changing Magic of not giving a F***k by Sarah Knight. I have a feeling this book may actually turn out to be life-changing. Being someone who worries a lot, I feel I could really benefit from this. I know this next point is extremely silly of me, and the cover is a complete giveaway - but I feel quite taken aback by how much the book says the word fuck.

Reading - Blogs
Holly Loves Simple Things - The Can't Relate Mentality
The Anna Edit - 5 Highlights from the past month

Reading - Articles 
Can we talk about Saturday nights by Dolly Alderton
The Generation Z Hit List, Itching for a Pic by Scarlett Curtis

Watching - Youtube
Arden Rose's Real Tips on Self Love
Steve Booker's Style Talks with Will Darbyshire
Lucy Moon - Reflecting on the Past Five Months 

Listening - Podcasts
Emma Gannon's CTRL ALT Delete with Gemma Cairney

Hope you've enjoyed your week! As always, let me know anything you've enjoyed this week.

C x