Happy Sunday, I hope you've all had a fabulous week!

I'm feeling pretty chipper as this week comes to a close.  Yesterday I popped to London to go to The Bloggers Market which was lovely, such great use of a Saturday (full post coming soon).
Besides that, this week has been full of work and blog prep for lots of upcoming posts.

No so much gushing in this week's Sunday post (apart from I met Liv Purvis yesterday and she is so lovely, so there's a little gush).

Blog and Youtube

I've been a little quiet on the blog, mainly as I've been working, job searching, busy and a little headache-y too. However I've drafted out what feels like a million blog posts for the next few weeks - so hopefully my blog will be getting a little busier again.
I do have a new video on my Youtube channel - it's A Week in Make-Up which I experimented with stop motion - I'm really happy how it turned out so please check it out!


Void Filler - Meditation by Charly Cox (quite possibly one of the best things I've ever read)
The Gentlewoman Magazine - I'm still at the flick through the stage, but I am completely in love this magazine - is so beautiful and full of really fab stuff. When I've had a proper read I'm sure I'll be back with the articles I most loved.
Sunday Times Style Pink is Back in Fashion - but this time for boys as well as girls - I'm really into the pink is actually an androgynous colour thing. We all know I love pink, and men in pink too.


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - I think I preferred the series the second time around. Here are some thoughts I had: I loved loved loved The Life and Death Brigade sequence, but also felt gutted about how unrealistic it was, and what was with the hats? It looked cool but wasn't very 2016. I wish there was more of Dean, Jess, and Christoper. Logan's and Deans character developed really well, Jess' not so much - I was just hoping for a little more from him. I loved the Kirk had a Samsung (I think it was a Samsung), rather than and iPhone like every other character (it's the little things, eh) and of course what was the point Star Hallow musical plaything which went on far too long?! But all round they did a good job - I'm really hoping they bring out a new series soon.

Zoella's Birthday Vlog: because Zoe and her friends know how to do birthdays.
Liv Purvis' inside the wardrobe of Charly CoxI love Charly's style, watching this video made me realise that I don't have to take back everything other people don't like (which is a lot of what I buy), and of course, there were genuine excitement squeals when Charly said she's writing a book.


Dear Sugar, Haunted by GhostingGhosting is something I've been thinking about a lot recently (as I'm noticing how often it happens) so I found the episode really interesting. I'm not going to ramble on about it too long, as there may or may not be a full post coming on Ghosting coming soon.

Hope you've all had a fab week!
Chloe x