You may have noticed I mentioned I spent last weekend in Cornwall with my lovely friend Stacie.
As you've probably heard me banging out about a million times, my Stacie founded New Day Knitwear which is currently launching. I often help Stacie out with the online side of things, and it's amazing to see the brand grow and get the recognition it deserves.

So when Stacie asked if I wanted to go to a bloggers lunch which she was arranging - of course, I said yes. It felt like a three for one deal, I got to have a much-needed catch up with Stacie, and I got to attend the event as both as a blogger and a Social Media Assistant for New Day Knitwear.

If you're still a little baffled - New Day Knitwear is a brand which encourages creativity as a coping mechanism for mental health problems, especially crochet.
Stacie learnt to crochet while she studied Fashion at Uni, and began to see the positive effects this creative outlet had on her mental health. New Day Knitwear is a way for her to offer support for those who are struggling, teach crochet and make beautiful pieces of knitwear.

Stacie offers one to one, and group support, there is also a New Day Knitwear club, which creates a sense of community, and of course, you can buy made by you kits, so you create beautiful knitwear designed by Stacie.

So now you got a rough idea of what New Day Knitwear does, let's get onto why you're really here - to hear about the blogger's lunch.

Myself, Charlotte, Hannah, Anna and Nicky all visited Stacie Studio, which is basically pastel colour Instagramable loveliness. Stacie told everyone about the brand and over lunch, we all had a little chat about our experiences with mental health. It was so refreshing to feel as though I was in a safe space to speak about something, which can sometimes cause unnecessary shame and embarrassment due to stigma. It was amazing to see I am not alone, and how other successful women also struggle with their mental health.

We then got to the creative part - learning to crochet. A couple of years ago, I sort of taught myself to crochet through watching Youtube Videos, so I have a bit of a head start. 
Stacie did a great job of explaining how to crochet and went around the group offering each support and help. She also had colouring sheets, and kinder eggs for us - it was like a really great kids party for Adults.

It was so lovely to meet some other bloggers, and spend a Saturday doing something a little different. I can see myself taking after Stacie, and reaching for my crochet whenever I'm feeling a little anxious.