I'm writing the post partly to benefit my readers, and partly to remind myself.

There are certain things I have recently been trying to do every day, in order to become a little more mindful, to keep learning, and feel positive.

So, here are 12 little things I'm trying to incorporate into my everyday routine...
  1. A consistent skincare routine - Whether I'm intending to stay in my PJs all day or not, I need to sure my skin is being looked after. 
  2. Going outside - Even if only for a second, getting a bit of fresh air makes all the difference.
  3. Reading - a book, magazine, blog post or an article, whatever I choose doesn't matter, as long as I'm reading.
  4. Having at least an hour with my phone an aeroplane mode - sometimes we just need to step away from technology and stop scrolling.
  5. Meditating - It only takes 10 minutes and makes a huge difference.
  6. Exercising  - Of some form at least, no matter how big or small, I need to make sure my body is moving
  7. Clearing any phone notifications and emails - Looking at my phone is a lot more pleasant without the obnoxious red numbers everywhere
  8. Drinking plenty of water - Hydrating is important.
  9. Complimenting somebody - It's nice to be nice.
  10. Writing in my diary - so I can read and cringe in the years to come.
  11. Eating my five a day - I mean, actually, do it. Keep track of the fruit and veg I have and everything.
  12. Writing 3 things in my gratitude journal - because it's important to be grateful.

Wish me luck achieving all of these little things! x