There will come a moment
when waves of me
will come
Crashing into you
And I will abandon you
in the

as I sit in still
appreciate the calm
and breathe in
your Absence.


We have to be
either something
or nothing

I may go insane
if we stubbornly remain
in between
clinging onto
something of nothing.


That place you held
in my heart
has relocated to the
depth of my chest
And the gasp of each painful breath
Through the darkness of words unsaid
They ache and echo
holding onto letting go


My heart hurts
because you, don't want it.
You fail to show a single sign of respect for it.
I'm living with constant regret of this
For, I know better.
But when I get an opportunity to
gaze until your encapsulating eyes
Poppet, I smile as I eat up, each and every


Maybe undeserved escape from you
Or the numbing feeling
will stop me feeling
You have a habit of, encouraging to me to feel
far from enough
So, here's my tough route
to feel self-love.