Another promised outfit post today. 
I've found myself opting for something a little more casual and slouchy than my usual dress. Mainly because I've realised my style isn't set in stone and it's fun to experiment with clothes, I like to see how different fabrics work together and see how layering can change a look, and how clothes can alter a silhouette.
I find Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with fashion - it's not too hot to layer things us, and garments tend to be a lot more textured.
This outfit provides the ultimate comfort. The black ASOS culottes have become a staple in my wardrobe - considering I never wore trouser until about a year ago, this is a big deal. They just go with everything and the flared legs mean they add a little shape to any outfit. Plus I like how they move, and enjoy the slightly awkward length of them. 

I'd decided to pair them with a pink fine knit jumper from ASOS. It's a little see-through so does require a vest/cami underneath. It's baggy in all the right places and cuffed on the sleeves making it the ultimate cosy, slightly over sizes piece. It's a fine knit, so can be both tucked or untucked. 

This knit does scag quite easily, but I love how it looks nonetheless. Plus who doesn't love the shade of pink? I want all the pink knitwear I can get my hands on tbh. 
Keeping with the comfy, pink and black theme I've got going on, I decided to wear it with my pink Nikes, and have some cute AF little socks poking through, because I just like how it looks - I just think socks can actually add a bit of something to an outfit, if you want them to, and I want them to. 

What do you think of this look?