2017 is coming to a close, I cannot get my head around that it's October already, but here it is.

Looking back to the start of the year, I was so excited for all of the things I would achieve during 2017,  and although I have taken steps forwards, I haven't taken nearly as many as I would like. However, there is still a couple of months until the end of the year, and as much as I would like December to hurry up (I mean, hello Christmas), I'm glad to have a bit of time to focus on some goals...  so here they are:

- Get a New Job - I've been wanting to start a new job for the longest time. I've become too comfortable where I work, although it has never been a career plan. I've been there far longer than I expected or wanted. So it's time to start sending out tonnes of CV and applications in hope that I'll find a job which makes me love Mondays (I feel like I may have accidentally stolen the reed.co.uk tagline, oops.)

- Pass my Driving Test - I feel as though I have been learning to drive for the longest time - it's taking far longer than I expected, but I am finally doing it at 25 years old, and before the end of the year I'd really love to pass my driving test, it will be one more thing ticked off of my 'be an adult' to-do list.

- Have More Grit - I am currently reading the book Grit by Angela Duckworth. There are aspects of it I am really enjoying and some of it is some painfully obvious I feel stupid I've not thought of it sooner. Grit is basically working where and whenever with passion until it pays off. I need more grit with this blog, and my youtube channel, fewer evenings with Gilmore girls and lunch breaks with the phone time, I need to put my time and passion back into blogging.

- Post to a Schedule - Similarly, I want to get back into a blogging and youtube schedule. If I have certain days which I post this blog won't get neglected if I get 'busy', I just need to be organised and dedicated. After a bit of planning,  I have decided I will be posting on this blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm, and posting a new video on my Youtube Channel every Sunday at 6pm, so keep you're eye peeled.

- Keep a Gratitude Journal - I love the idea of having a gratitude journal, so I'm going to start one up. Every night I'm going to write three things I'm grateful for, which I hope will bring more joy into my life.

- Go to Life Drawing Classes - One of the goals I've set myself at the start of the year which I haven't got around to achieving yet is going to life drawing classes, I need to hurry up and just do it.

- Be more Health Conscious - You know, drink more water, figure out what exercise I actually enjoy, eat more veg, eat less chocolate.

- Build Relationships with Brands - I, once again am trying to take the blogging thing more seriously, so  I really would love to start working with some brands. If you know of any who you think will interest me, who work with small (but bloody great) bloggers, please let me know!

- Read More - I neglected reading again for a while, and my to-read list is forever growing, it's time to get some books out!

- Have a Good Time, Stay Positive -  I tend to feel quite positive towards the end of the year anyway, as there is the build-up of Halloween, birthday, Christmas and New Years excitement. This year I've also got a little trip planned and it's my brothers 30th birthday too. But it's no secret we all have down days, and I've been through periods of time where my mental health hasn't been in the greatest state. I just want to make sure I'm making sure I focus on the good rather than the bad, stay positive and make the most out of everything.

Have you set yourself any goals for the remainder of 2017?