It seems everyone is jumping on the Podcast creator bandwagon recently, and I, for one, am not complaining - there's a podcast for every mood. You cannot have too much of a good thing I like to

Today I wanted to update my podcast love list as there are a lot I have been enjoying recently, and my last podcast based post was back last June (here), so it's probably about time.

So here are some of my current favourites:

Get it off your Breast with Emma Gannon and Lliana Bird - This is one I've only recently begun listening to and fell in love with straight away. Being a big fan of Emma's CTRL ALT DELETE, I knew it was going to be another great podcast - Emma is a natural when it comes to podcasting and I love that she has a co-host on this podcast.

Get it off your breast is simply woman discussing anything they want to get off their chest. They have a different guest each week so you hear the thoughts of many women and it's just one big very open honest discussion.

The Heart of it by Estée Lalonde - When Estée originally said she wanted to do a podcast, I was excited, and after much anticipation, when I finally heard the pilot of The Heart of It (which was on protests) I've got to be honest, this was not what I expected. I expect something a lot more lighthearted - this, however, became the podcast I didn't know I needed.

In The Heart of It, Estée discusses matters which are important to her, and she brings in her own experience, alongside interviewing somebody who she thinks is valuable to the subject. This is a lot more serious than I expect, and also, unexpectedly, that's what I like about it.

This podcast is also formatted unlike any I've listened to, Estee switches between the interview to bringing in her own thoughts and experiences on the subject outside of the interview setting.

The Debrief with Tessa Coates and Stevie Martin (now Nobody Panic)  - I keep going on about The Debrief Podcast,  so I'll keep this short and sweet because it's probably getting boring and repetitive, this podcast on adulting is just hilarious, helpful and relatable.

Crash on my Couch by Will Darbyshire and Arden Rose
- In this Podcast Will and Arden basically, discuss funny articles. There are different segments throughout the podcast which I love, it breaks the podcast up, and one episode can talk about conspiracy theories, cute animals, answer readers questions, Japanese culture and more. Until I listened to this podcast, I did not realise how much I needed to listen to an in-depth conversation about a treasure hunt but trust me, it's gold.

It's just a fun podcast. I also love hearing Will and Arden interact with each other, as unlike the podcast with two hosts that I've mentioned, they're in a relationship and (weirdly) I like hearing how couples interact, it makes it more enduring.

At Home With... by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton - Season 1 of this podcast has recently ended, but if you haven't listened already, there an entire season you can catch up on. In this podcast, Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton (two of my internet favourites) go to the homes businesswomen they admire and interview them. I find this podcast very inspiring and personal to each guest. It feels like you really get to know the guest as Lily and Anna visit their homes - I'd recommend listening on the A Cast app because they usually include pictures too!

Dear Sugars by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond - This podcast was born from an advice column and you can tell, Cheryl and Steve both very honestly answer personal letters from listeners, and share their own experiences.

They are both very wise, honest and thoughtful. They cover a range of subjects from relationship-based problems to career struggles. You can tell Steve and Cheryl both speak genuinely from experience and are still willing to hear different opinions.

Have you heard any of these? I'd love to hear what you think! Also if you if have anymore recommendations, my ears are always open!