I was lucky enough to get onto Beauty Bay and get my hands on a Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette before they sold out. The process was surprisingly easy and you can't imagine my excitement when it arrived at my door the next morning (I didn't even pay for next day delivery, great job Beauty Bay!)
On the first impression - I am not in love with the packaging, the silver and white looks pretty sleek when it arrived, however, with a bit of use I'm sure it will be looking rather grubby. The cardboard makes it feels cheap and is difficult to clean - however it cost £37 and there are 36 shades, so I think I could forgive that, as it's pretty great value for money. Also, I feel they missed a mirror opportunity in the lid. I do like that inside the palette has a message from Jaclyn which says "this palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers" it's a nice reminder of who Jaclyn Hill is, and reflects her gratitude - but it didn't necessarily have to be written on in the inside of the lid - a mirror would have been handier. Also from watching Jaclyn videos, I know the shades have names, but I cannot see them written on the packaging at all, again it's not essential, but would be nice (and would come in handy writing this post!) - apparently other palettes came with a shade name insert, mine didn't. The palette is however very slim and light which although it's large makes it pretty easy to travel with. 
Now onto the eyeshadows. It consists of a whopping 36 shades, 17 of which are completely matte, 19 are shimmer, 2 of the 19 have slightly more subtle shimmer, the other 17 are pretty full-on glitzy.

The palette mainly consists of warm-toned shades. There are a lot of the essential warm neutrals are there, plus some pinks,  blues, purples and greens,  if you fancy being more adventurous with colour. Personally, I don't think there is a shade in this palette I won't get my use out of, however, I love experimenting with colourful eye make up, and also can appreciate a brown eyeshadow.
There are so many colour choices in the palette, I'm considering have a palette clear out, as this got pretty much every colour I need in it (besides a bright pink of course). The colour range means you can create a look for any occasion - whether it's a night out, a casual day look, or even a terrifying Halloween make up.
On swatching a did feel some of the shades were quite similar but then can you ever really have too many neutral eyeshadows? (I think not)
I'm sure you can tell by my swatches - all of the shadows are pretty damn pigmented and have a great colour pay off. I'm yet to try out any looks with the palette yet (but I will be filming a video for Sunday of it in use, subscribe to my Youtube Channel here so you don't miss it.) however, from swatching I can tell the eyeshadows have a buttery blendable consistency to them. 
Shade names in top swatch picture from left to right: Pool Party, Royalty, Obsessed, Creamsicle, Enlight.
Shade names from lower swatch image above from left to right: Jada, Twerk, S.B.N, Butter, Beam.
Shade names of swatches above from left to right: Diva, Hussle, Hillster,  Pooter, Silk Creme.
Shade names of swatches above from left to right: Enchanted, Meeks, Roxanne, Pukey, M.F.E.O.
Shade names of swatches above from left to right: Central Park, 24/7, Jacz, Hunts, Faint

Shade names of swatches in top image from left to right: Soda Pop, Chip, Buns, Firework, Sissy.
Shade names in the bottom image from left to right: Abyss, Mocha, Cranapple, Queen, Little Lady.

What do you think of these colours? I can't wait to try it out!