If you watched my bedroom tour on my Youtube channel, you'll know I still live with my mum, and I have the smallest single bedroom - which is maybe a bit of a squeeze, but I love my little space. However I always felt the need for a desk, especially now I'm spending more time than ever blogging, and thinking about taking my first steps into the freelance work - of course, I always assumed I fitting a desk in my diddy bed was unrealistic, as I really don't have that much space.

However one day I leaving M&S and started eyeing up a pink lamp (we all know I've got a thing for pink), when my Mum pointed on what it was sat on... this desk - was small enough that it would actually fit in my little room, leaving me some space, and it matched room too - it was a no brainer. I measured up the space in front of my window to check and sure enough, it was going to fit with plenty of room to spare, so when payday came by I placed an order.

On arrival, I excited screwed the leg on and popped it in my room - it was a perfect size and the mixture of white and brown wood tied together with the furniture I already had in my room. I bought a few little bits to help me organise the space, and search through my drawers for the stationary I have, that had been abandoned due to being hidden away in the draw.

My put my desk in front of my window, mainly because it's the only place I had room for it - I then realised I have space on my window seal, which is pretty much an extension of my desk, so my 'work' space feels a lot roomier than it actually is, and it's nice to look out of the window while on my laptop.

I really love this space! I feel a lot more productive and organised when I sit her, and I think it's just a really cute area of my room. What do you think?

Lamp (similar linked)
Paper Tray
Phone Stand
Diary (Kate Spade, no longer available)
Notepad (similar linked)
Bullet Journal
Magnetic Lists (similar linked)
The Little Book of Hygge
Almost Adulting
Zoella Lifestyle Stationery Book (discontinued, sorry)
MacBook Skin (20% off with the code chloeharriets20)