On a recent shopping trip with my friend Hj, she introduced to me to Bagel Boy, where we made our lunch stop. As I had my camera in hand and the interiors were instagrammable and the food was delicious, I wasn't going to miss this blog post opportunity.

I visited the Bagel Boy on St Nicholas Street, but there are several others dotted around Bristol. 
Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised by the decor, it has a rustic feel (which I'd expected), but it also had a very homely intimate atmosphere (which I had not expected). I loved the artwork on the walls, I think it's really great when places nod towards creativity.

And as for the food, I was very impressed. As you can see from the menu - there were a lot of options.  Being pescetarian, when I eat out, one of my main concerns is, will the food I get be nice, or will it's just a last-minute add to to the menu so they've at least got an option for the veggie. Well, there was plenty for me to choose from which is rare. I went for the Roaster Boy, which was roasted peppers, halloumi and salad with rosemary fries. The bagel was lovely and very tasty. I've never been a savoury bagel kinda girl, but I am completely converted now. I also think the fries were some of the nicest fries I've ever eaten. Such good food, and pretty cheap too - I will 100% be going back!