As one of my best friends Jaynie, who was my drinking partner is now pregnant, Our once crazy (well not really, but there were shots) Saturday, have no been swapped for much tamer daytime activities - which I do not mind one bit.

This weekend, we traded in the vodka shots for tea, cake, and sandwiches, and it was pretty damn great.

My friends Jaynie, Steph and Georgina and I decided we fancied afternoon tea, because who doesn't tea and scones? We went to Patisserie Valerie, simply because there is one in our local Mall, and you didn't need to book, so it just seemed convenient. I didn't necessarily go in with high expectations, I guess mainly because it's in the local shopping centre which I always go to - however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Afternoon Tea for 2 was £25 - so we ordered two between the 4 of us, and there was definitely more than enough food. I'm pescetarian which I didn't even consider when ordering - although it wasn't a problem - Gina simply ate the meaty sandwiches - and there were plenty I was able to tuck into - the egg one was delicious.  We had four mini scones with jam and cream two with fruit, two without - they were all lovely and the perfect size. The cake selection was once again was great - all the mini cakes were super yummy - however, the only kind which they were two of was the eclair - the rest there was one of each flavour - which wasn't a problem, it just meant having to discuss who getting which one - being the most indecisive person - I had to let Gina choose which she wanted because I couldn't decide.

We were seated on a pretty small table - however, the service was great, and the lady bought a table to put beside ours so that we had somewhere to put one of the afternoon teas.

And as for the company - it was a nice chance to catch up with the girls and have a laugh - I never realised what a good chit chat opportunity afternoon tea is before. It was the perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon!

I also vlogged the day so if you fancy a watch, here it is...