When payday came around I was quick to search around for the new foundation and moisturiser as I was running low and fancied a bit of a change.

I noticed Selfridges have recently started stocking the IT Cosmetics 'Your Skin but Better CC Cream' a product I've been desperate to get my hands on for ages, but living in the UK it was a lot more difficult to get hold of. I, of course, needed to order it immediately when I saw it on the Selfridges website. There's a quite a small shade range in this product, which for once I felt thankful for, it made ordering it online a lot easier to guess the shade I needed. Being on the paler side, it wasn't too difficult to figure out I either needed the shade fair or light. The fair was out of stock, so that was my decision made. Overall, I like the shade Light, it blends nicely and has a fairly neutral undertone. I possibly could have done with slightly lighter, I may try the Fair in the future, although Light is really not far from what I need.

The formula is very creamy, it feels hydrating and the light on the skin. As for how it looks - it does exactly what it says on the bottle. Despite the high coverage, it doesn't look at all heavy, it just looks like your skin, but better. It's also got the added bonus of SPF 50.  On first impressions, I'm really impressed with the product. It got me wanted to try more from IT cosmetics, let me know if you have any recommendations, please!

While I was on the Selfridges website, I thought I'd browse the skincare, as no one wants to spend £5 on delivery for one item. When I noticed they sell the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, I popped it straight into my basket. I've heard so many good things about this product, and as I often have dry, damaged skin, it seemed perfect. I was pleasantly surprised by the price. I'd always thought it was a slightly more expensive product, but at £10 it's a bargain. It's an unscented cream which is fairly thick. It's very non-offensive, which is what I look for in skincare as I know it's less likely to irritate my sensitive skin. I love that this is a multi-use product, I've found myself using it on my hands and elbows as well as the face. It sinks into the skin very fast, and simply feels nice to wears.

Overall, on first impressions, I'm really happy with both products. A very successful mini haul!