My friend Matt and I recently spent the day visiting Wild Place. I've got, to be honest, I had my reservations beforehand - I don't love the idea of Zoo's and usually end up feeling sorry for the animal. Plus I also got the impression Wild Place pretty much just for toddlers. But with an £8 entrance free, with a percentage of is gift aided, I felt I had nothing to lose. 

I was pleasantly surprised - although Wild Place is small, there is plenty to see. It feels intimate and does not feel like a zoo.  The animal all have plenty of space and are far from caged in. It is the most open animal-based family attraction I had ever been to. We spoke to one of the volunteers who was very friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. He told us about the different animals, and what Wild Place is doing to help save animals from extinction - so I learnt to visit us actually a lovely thing to do. 

There are different animals from Giraffes to Wolves.

Beyond the animals, there was a little more to see, from pretty wildflowers, a monument, and of course, a gift shop. There were an ice stand and an adventure park for children.  The grounds are just lovely to wander around in general.

I'd recommend visiting! 

Bag - Whistles (different colour option)
Necklace - Old (sorry!)
I did also vlog this day, so if you would like to see more of it, subscribe to my Youtube Chanel to see when the video goes live, it should be up this week!

Chloe x