As we're a month into 2019, I thought I'd share a little update on my bullet journal, and how I intend to use my bullet journal throughout this year. 

I began bullet journalling in 2017, and fell in love with it because it's so flexible. It allows me to organise all different aspects of my life, in whichever way suits me at the time, and I can change my process, or to add in different pages as and when I fancy. 
I feel like bullet journals tend to fall into two categories. There as the super creative bullet journals, with close to perfect doodles, calligraphy, and the neatest handwriting weaved between incredible artwork.
Or there are the more casual bullet journals, which simply fill their purpose to organise. With the simplicity of black pens and straight lines. 
My first year of bullet journaling, I used colourful pens and attempted to make it pretty while still functioning. Last year I toned it down, trying to keep things simple. For this year, I've decided to be slightly more creative again. 
I've realised, I find something calming in doodling. It's a relaxing way to spend my evenings when I've got nothing else to do. Drawing, or concentrating on fonts and planning, know it's something I'm doing for myself and nobody else is something which soothes me.

I'm not particularly fussy with it, I don't care if some pages aren't pretty and fulfil their simply function, and I don't mind if some pages have no purpose, other than that I felt like spending some time doodling. I'm letting it be what I want it to be in that moment the pen meets the dotted paper, and there's something so freeing in that.  
I filmed a little talk through, sharing where I'm up to on my bullet journal, so far this year, so you can head over to my Youtube channel, or watch it below.

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