As February draws to a close, I'm beginning to realise the goals I so enthusiastically wrote out in my bullet journal 28 days ago, we're not achieved, not one of them. I could reel off a million excuses, but that won't achieve those goals so I won't bother.

The goals I set were unrealistic, I set myself up for too much of a challenge, so instead of working towards them, I ignored them, and therefore achieved even less than I would have without the goals in place. It was counterproductive, to say the least.

So as March hits I'm trying to set more achievable goals, the kind that I can clearly tick off, and depend only on my own action - no more I'll reach... Instagram followers etc, because that is not as in my control as I'd like it to be.

So here they are, realistic March goals

- Write a poem a day, post it to my poetry Instagram account (if you want the link, let me know)

- Paint/draw at least once a week. I'm trying to get back into creating art, once a week is manageable whilst ensure it becomes a regular habit, plus there's nothing stopping me doing it more often.

- Meditate daily.

- Read 4+ new articles a week

- Read daily

- Send minimum 1 pitch a week. Hopefully more.

- Reach 60,000 words on the book I'm writing (as I write this, I have 11,398 words to go)

- Be active on social media, use it to network and share, send time each day posting on Instagram, replying to tweets and commenting on the Youtube videos I enjoy.

- Stay positive. okay so this one is not so trackable, but it's important.