If you follow me on Instagram (@chloehayfs), you'll know how much I love Autumn. Autumn is by far my favourite time of year, to the extent the excitement gives me butterflies in my stomach when I notice the first signs of leaves falling, and temperatures dropping. I love how colourful the world becomes, I love stepping on crisp autumn leaves, and feeling that crisp cold air against your face, I love the clothes, I love being cosy inside, and being chilly outside, I love wrapping up in jumpers and sitting by bonfires, and Halloween, and the oranges, and reds, and did I say I love autumn leaves?! As you can probably tell, everything about this time of year makes my heart happy - I just love everything about Autumn.

Lately, I've been enjoying appreciating Autumn and taking myself on some Autumn walks, along with my camera to get some snaps of how beautiful everything is this time of year.  So I thought I'd share my love for Autumn through the view of my camera...

You can probably tell I think Mother Nature is just a real babe this time of year by the excessive number of images (it took a lot of narrowing to get to this many!)

As I'm enjoying playing with my camera more than ever, one of my favourite things about Autumn this year is capturing the beauty of it through my camera lens, as you can probably tell!

What's your favourite thing about this time of year?