You may have noticed I've been a little quiet on my blog for the last week or so. Having planned out my daily blog post for the month and feeling a burst of enthusiasm get the going with them - I found my laptop was not feeling the same. As the machine powered up, the screen did nothing. I heard my little MacBook chime, and the screen - blank. In the panic, I googled MacBook recovery and had an online chat with a very patient guy from Apple, but whatever I tried, still nothing - so I gave in a booked an appointment for the genius bar to get my baby fixed. Of course, I had to wait an entire week for the appointment, an entire week without blogging. 7 days, while at home waiting to start my new job, I couldn't blog. Then, of course once I took my laptop in, I had to wait even longer for it actually to be fixed. I'm not somebody who can blog from a tablet or phone, unfortunately, I just can't  do it. The quality of my posts would have suffered massively if I tried it, and as I'm ready the queen of typos, I didn't even want to imagine the typo situation as I attempted to type up my usually far too wordy blog posts through the cracks of my phone screen.

More on this delicious salted caramel brownie coming soon!
So, I was having a break from blogging.

I'll admit I found myself feeling pretty bored - what did I do before I had a blog?!

Once I managed to overcome the boredom and busy myself. I found myself feeling quite refreshed stepping away from a computer screen. I fell in love with reading again - I read 4 new books in the almost two weeks  I was without a laptop, wrote some new poetry, and got messy baking.

 I also spent a lot of time with friends and family.

I love all the colours Autumn brings, it's my favourite time of year!

I rummaged through one-off shops in Chepstow, and enjoyed a pub lunch with my Auntie and Uncle, I explored Leigh Woods with some friends, enjoyed a wine and cheese night while catching up with some of my favorites, took myself on a few autumn walks, visited my old work and let myself feel content with just doing nothing!

I will be giving you some more in depth catch up with a lot of these things, as it seemed to be the perfect time to play with my camera! Not having my laptop reminded me that I do photography firstly because I enjoy it, not just for the blog, and sometimes it's nice to go out with a camera, even if the images are just for me to see

However, as much as I enjoyed my time away from my laptop, I can't wait to blog my little ass off again!  I've written out my schedule for the rest of the month. My blog posts will be going live at 4pm (UK time) weekdays on my blog, and a video every Sunday on my Youtube Chanel at 7pm.

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I'm feeling very motivated and inspired now I've had some time away from my laptop, and I hope that will shine through in my posts. I'm going to try my very best to be organised enough that I will be able to keep to schedule despite starting a new job in the upcoming weeks, I'm excited to dive back into the world of blogging!

C x