As I mentioned in a previous post that I'd recently went for an Autumn walk in Leigh Woods with some friends, of course, I took this as an opportunity to play with my camera. 
As we wandered through the woods I found myself snapping away while being a bit of a creep lurking behind my friends to get some pictures, and scanning the environment for the best photo-taking opportunities. Of course, my friends took the chance to hide from me when I stopped to take some pictures, after aimlessly walking in circles, I noticed them peeping out behind the trees - uhh, very funny guys.
I felt so relaxed as I walked amongst the trees, and taking in the nature which was all around. It was a definite reminder of how good it is to get outside, especially when you can wrap up warm on a lovely crisp autumn day.
 I love being outside this time of year despite the cold, I think everything is so beautiful during Autumn, and of course, it was nice to have a good ol' catch up with close friends as we explored.

 Apparently somewhere along the lines, I became Matt and Lauren's personal couples photographer - I quite like these images, even if I did drive them insane as constantly taking pictures of them and creeping behind them to get the candid shot I wanted... they both asked me to send them the pictures I took later that day, so as much as they complained, I'm sure they were a little pleased really!

 There were some incredible views along the way. I often forget what a beautiful place Bristol really is.
 All round, it was just a lovely afternoon! I'm definitely going to be taking my camera on more day trips - I love taking enjoy opportunity to take photographs!

Love C x