Sometimes you get reading a book and you can tell pretty early on that it's something special. I felt this way  with Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.
I have been making my way through the books in the Zoella book club, and this one really stood out to me amongst the other 6 books for the collection I'd read beforehand (I've got one book left to go).

The story is about a girl called Maddy, who is unwell - she is pretty much allergic to life. She has not left her house of filter air or spent time with anybody besides her mum and nurse in 17 years, so pretty much all of her life, her life has been extremely sheltered due to her rare illness.
When new neighbours move next door, Maddy finds herself feeling curious about the boy next door, and he clearly feels the same toward her, after the exchange of email addresses over writing on windows, they become online friends, and eventually Maddy, see more that two people in real life. 
She falls in love with Olly door despite not being able to touch each other. Is so interesting to see how Maddy character develops as she spends more time with Olly, she only ever spent time with her mum and her nurse, so she is learning to be a sociable teenager, and maintain relationships for the first time ever.

This book is about making sacrifices, and falling in love for the first time. 
There is depth to all of the characters. I think every character was very well written, I think Maddy's and Olly character just fit together perfectly and compliment each other. The character of her mum and her nurse Carla, as are also vital characters in the book, and both of them seem like real people with purpose throughout the story. 

I love that this story isn't solely based on Maddy's illness, there also are a lot of other topics covered. 
The reader learns more about the life of Olly character, his 'ordinary' teenage life, and his family life. He not just put in the story purely to add the romantic aspect. He has his own story - and the story is about how to two characters come together despite their own struggles.

There is also a big twist at the end of the book, which I would have predicted for a second, which makes the book a million times more interesting.  There is more to this book than it seems on the
It's also quite a visual book, which is something I really love. There are illustrations throughout the book, all of which are relevant to the story, and bring something to it. And to make it even more adorable, I read that the author's husband did the illustrations, which I think is possibly the cutest thing ever.
If you into Young Adult Romance stories, I'd give this a read - it gets more interesting as it goes on, and every single character is intriguing, and together they all fit in quite a lovely way, and the story is bloody brilliant. I really loved this book, it's definitely one I intend on reading again!