In my Tanya Bakes cookies post, I touched on how extremely rubbish I am at baking, and how it's something I'd like to be able to enjoy and hopefully be okay(ish) at. I found myself feeling the need to bake once again, so I thought I'd share is how I go on.
Rather than turning to a recipe book, this time I took to the world of blogging to decide what I was going to make. One of my favourite bloggers, The Anna Edit posted a salted caramel brownie recipe on her blog and youtube channel, and as it looked truly delicious (I mean, who doesn't love anything with added salted caramel?) I decided to pick up the ingredients and see how it turned out.
I began by referring to Anna's blog post to get my ingredients ready. It didn't require loads of different ingredients so that gave me hope that it wouldn't be too complicated, and I was right.

I then popped on Anna video and followed the steps - I found myself pausing the video and going back a lot to check I was doing the right thing - but that's the beauty of youtube, I was able to watch the same parts over and over as I needed.
The thing I loved about the video, is that Anna makes it very clear she is not an expert and she was winging it just as much (well probably not quite so much) as I was when it came to baking.
Making the brownies was fairly simple, it took melting some dark chocolate and butter, and then mixing in flour, sugars, eggs and vanilla extract.
Once everything was all mixed together,  I just needed to pop it into a lined baking  tray and spoon in my salted caramel.
Once all the caramel was in, I simply took a chopstick (it was all I could find, okay) and swirled the salted caramel around the brownie mix, which left a pretty pattern, that looked a hell of a lot more complicated than it was to create! Such an easy way to make the brownies look a lot more impressive than they really are.
Then, of course, all that was left, was baking the brownies, so I just popped them in the preheated oven - and when they were done I took them out and chopped them up.
I cut the brownie into quite big squares, and still had more than the recipe was intended to make - not that I minded, of course, they were so yummy!
They brownie came out a lovely texture, crispy on the top and soft and moist (sorry if that word makes anyone cringe) inside. The salted caramel added a sweet, and salted twist to the flavour to the brownies and went nice and crisp once it had been baked.

I was seriously impressed with these brownies, they were so simple to make, and I think they're one the tastiest things I've ever baked - I'd definitely recommend giving them a go, your taste buds can thank me later! You can find the recipe I followed here.