Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Favourites...

So here are some bit and bobs I found myself really appreciating throughout August.

A few of these bit I have already done blog posts on which I will link you to.

My Radley Umbrella
My Radley Umbrella has been a life saver this month. Those of you who live in England will know the weather has been switching from being super sunny to tipping with rain. An umbrella is definitely become more essential as winter approaches. 
When I travel to work I get the bus, to get to the bus stop it is a 20 minute walk, and when I get off the bus it's another 20 minute walk, so without this umbrella I would have ended up going into work dripping wet which does not give the best impression.

My (now ex) boyfriends mum bought me this umbrella for Christmas last year. I really love the design, it has a red handle and red detailing, the umbrella is clear when you open it out with some cute very British looking picture on. It's a big umbrella, so I don't have to worry about it blowing inside out in the wind, and the clear design means I can bring it as far over my face I want without it affecting my vision. I just love it. I think it looks nice, does what it needs to and will last. Definitely an investment umbrella. 
I've had a look on the Radley website and they have stopped selling this one, but you can find similar umbrellas here. Obviously having had this as a gift I'm not too sure how much it cost, but I'm guessing it was between £20-£30 judging by the price of the others, which I think it pretty good value considering how much use I've got out of the umbrella recently.

Simple Facial Toner
I've been trying to make more effort to look after my skin recently. I've been using the Simple Toner as part of my everyday skin routine, and I've got to say it's just so refreshing on my skin and makes me feel more awake, and it's super cheap at just £3.29 for a big bottle in boots, you can find that here. 
I definitely recommend trying that out as it's so cheap so you've not got much to lose if you do not like it and it just makes my skin feel amazing.

Zoeva Bamboo Brush Set
I'm not going to talk about these too much as I had already done a blogpost on these which you can find here. I just really like this set, the brushes are all really soft, there loads of brushes so it is a good starter set if you are new to make up brushes and good value for money. Love them!

Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer
I'm really enjoying using this concealer, once again I have already done a blog post on this which you can find here, so I am not going to say much more about that.

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner
I have also already blogged about this in the same post where as the Kickass Concealer, but this eyeliner is so easy to use I have to give it a mention.

Tanya Burr Picnic in the Park Lipgloss
I have not wore lipgloss for years, but as I heard a lot of good things about this one I thought I'd give it a go, and to my surprise I really like it. I'm not really used to the sticky feeling lipglosses give your lips, however I didn't find this one too sticky. Also it's not over glossy, I find some people wearing lipgloss can look as though they have dibbled all over their lips, which is not a look I want to go for.
 I really love the natural pink colour of this, it's perfect for work or when I feel lipstick is just a bit too much. Also it was only £6.99 which I think is such a good value. You can find the lipgloss here.
I'm definitely looking forward to trying out some of the other shades.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Invisible Lipliner
Until recently I never really wore lipliner although the major of the time I wore lipstick which would smudge and would not last, however because I had so many different shades of lipstick it just seemed far too expensive to get a lipliner in each shade too - so this is just what I needed. I can wear it with any shade of lipstick and it helps to keep it in place. The only thing that bothers me is it is harder to apply because it's invisible - however it does keep my lipstick in place.

During August I have been spending a lot of my spare time knitting.
I feel as though I've picked it up and now I've got the hang of it, it is so relaxing and such a nice way to pass time. I'm going to knit an case for my ipod soon, and am really looking forward to being able to knit lot of bits and bobs.

What were your favourite things during August?



Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Soap and Glory..

Recently I invested in the Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer and Supercat Eyeliner as Soap and Glory products were buy one get one half price in Boots, and after hearing endless good reviews on Soap and Glory products, I felt I was running out of reasons not to try a few out. 

I cannot believe I took so long to make my first Soap and Glory purchase. I am so impressed with both, I'll definitely be picking up more Soap and Glory products to try next time I am in a Boots or Superdrug. 

Sorry the concealer looks upside down in this photo, it's just where the lid is open

As you can see from the photos, the Soap and Glory product are in beautiful packaging, they all come in nice boxes, I know some people would feel it's a waste, but I like getting products in a box, I think it feel much more luxurious, and I also feel less worried about people trying out the product on the shelf without buying them.
I also really like the plastic packing these product come in, there is not too much plastic packaging, and the packaging is clearly labelled and will last.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer £10

Kickass Concealer
The Kickass Concealer comes with 2 different shades of concealer, a translucent power, a power sponge and a mirror - quite a lot for a such a small compact. 
You can get in the shades light and medium, I opted for light which has been prefect for my skin. Although there is not a large range of the shades, I think this is one of the those products where one shade would be suitable for a few different skin tones.
There is a peachy/pink toned concealer which is perfect for brighten under eyes, and a yellow toned concealer which is great for spots, blemishes and redness.
I usually use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but rather than buying that again when I run out I will definitely be heading toward the Soap and Glory stand for this one. I feel having the two shades of concealer definitely brightens up my face, having a shade specifically for under the eye bags makes me look far more awake. Also I find this feel a lot less heavy on my skin in comparison to the Collection Concealer I'm used to, which I think is definitely a plus for me as I do not like to feel as though I'm wearing heavy make up. 
Although this concealer is slightly more expensive than the concealer I'm used to, I think it is worth the extra money, and £10 is really good value consider what you get.
I do not usually wear any power, as once again I feel it would make my make up appear much heavier than I like, so this translucent power is prefect as it hold my concealer in place, and gives my face a matt finish (and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth) without changing the colour of my make up or appearing too heavy. 

I also think this concealer would be prefect for travelling, as it's very compact, comes with a mirror and a sponge, so you have got everything you need right there. 

Supercat Eyeliner Pen
I am so impressed with this eyeliner, I've used a eyeliner with a pen nib once or twice before, but always felt it didn't make apply eyeliner any easier and couldn't see what the hype was about, however I thought as Soap and Glory was on offer and I was low on eyeliner I may as well give this a try. I have to say, I have never found liquid eyeliner so easy, I've only used it a few times so far so it could be I was just having good eyeliner days. However, I have managed perfect cat eye flick which is a rare occurrence and my eyeliner lasted a day of work without a single smudge, opposed to the usual end of day black eyes. 
This just made apply eyeliner so smooth and easy, if you struggle to achieve the cat eye/winged eyeliner look, I would recommend trying this out.

I can not wait to try out some more Soap and Glory product now!
What's your favourite product by Soap and Glory?


Zoeva Bamboo Brush Set...

So recently I decided it was about time I treated myself to some new make up brushes as my brushes were getting a bit worn and I didn't quite have all the brushes I needed. I've had my eye on the Rose Gold Luxury Set by Zoeva for ages as I've heard Zoella raving about them on her youtube channel, however rather than going in to buy them straight away I decided to have a little look on the Zoeva website to see if any else took my fancy. In the end I decided to opt for the Bamboo Brush Set instead mainly because you get more brushes for a lower price (in the Bamboo set you get 12 brushes for 35euros, and in the Rose Gold set you get  8 brushes for 65euros), so although I think the Rose Gold Set is slightly more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, I don't have many make up brushes and am trying to save money for my holiday, so more make up brushes for less money seemed like the right option.  I've got to say I'm definitely impressed with the set so far. 

The set come in this handy travel set which is really useful to keep all of your brushes together, especially if you're going away.

Brushes included in this set are (from left to right): 
  • Power Brush
  • Buffer Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Fan Brush 
  • Concealer Brush
  • Crease Brush
  • Shader Brush
  • Shader Brush
  • Eye Blender Brush
  • Liner Brush
  • Lip Brush
All of the brushes have the detail of what to use them for written on them (as you can see in the image below)  so if you're new to make up brushes, it should help you decide what to use each brush for, of course don't have to follow what it says the brushes are for, if you'd rather use a brush for something different..

Overall I'm really pleased with all this brush set, so far I've used all of the brushes, apart from the fan brush  (I'm not really too sure what to use the fan brush for? comment below to help me out). The brushes are all super soft. I especially really like the crease brush and the blush brush, I just think they're much nicer to use that the ones I was using beforehand. 

Also, my Zoeva parcel arrived packages really nicely which I think is always a bonus!

I would definitely recommend this set, if you're new to make up brushes it's a great set to get you started, and it is also fairly affordable! 

I'm looking forward to trying out more Zoeva products!
Any recommendation?

love Chloe 



Monday, 25 August 2014

Little things to make you smile...

Just a little post to appreciate some of the good little things in life...

  1. Making new friends
  2. Waking up before your alarm
  3. Find something you'd thought you'd lost
  4. Falling in love with a new book 
  5. Getting flowers
  6. Receiving post
  7. Putting on new socks
  8. Long baths
  9. Road trips with friends
  10. Last minute plans
  11. Cups of tea
  12. Christmas
  13. Heart to hearts
  14. The feeling after going for a long run
  15. Stargazing
  16. Roast dinners (without meat for me)
  17. Good morning texts
  18. Matching underwear
  19. Compliments
  20. Good hair/make up days
  21. Find money
  22. Clean bedding
What little things make you smile? 


Feeling Reflective...

Saturday night  I took my younger cousin and her boyfriend on their first real night out in town. I had such a funny night, but I drank a little too much (well I lot), so it was not my classiest evening...

Not the greatest photos but just a few snaps we took before we headed out...
Anyway, this ultimately lead to a hungover Sunday lead in bed feeling reflective (sounds cheesey I know!). I began to consider some changes I want to make to become more of the person I want to be.
I've released I've began doing things half heartedly, and I know the majority of time is not worth doing something if you do not give it 100% - my blog for example, I want to really start putting in more effort with it, getting more creative with my photos, and although I can't afford an SLR camera, I'm going to try to make the most of what I have got, and really think about the photos and content in of my posts. I'm also going to try to blog more often. 

Along with this when I get the money together for a camera and tripod, I think I'm going to start a youtube channel (no promises, but hopefully), this is something I've been considering since I began obsessed with watching youtube videos. I know I wouldn't really consider myself funny or entertaining,  and I've never filmed or edited videos which is what has put me off starting a youtube channel, however I've came to the conclusion that if I never try I won't know, and if it make a few videos and decide it's not for me, I'm hopefully learn something along the way.

Also I want to try to be a healthier person, I'm going to try to exercise more and eat healthier. I want to try go running a few times a week and cut out unhealthy food, to keep track of it I'm going to start writing a food and exercise diary and blog about my progress. However, I do not intend on being too strict on myself because I feel that way I it won't be sustainable, and I believe it's more important for this to be a lifestyle change rather than a diet. 

I'm also going to make more effort to be organised, save money, be a better friend and give to charities.

I'm sorry this post is a little rambly, I just thought it would be nice to post about my thoughts and put down in writing how I want to work on becoming more of the person I want to be. Now to just put all of this into action.

Wish me luck 


Monday, 11 August 2014

A little life update...

The past few weeks I haven't been blogging quite  so often, I'm sorry, I'm definitely going to try to make some more time for blogging!

I recently started a new job, which I absolutely love. I'm working for a Bridal wear company called The Mews, as a Fashion PA and Marketing Assistant. Unfortunately it's only part time at the moment but I'm hoping it will lead onto full time. I work three days a week at my new job, two days a week I work in the office doing PA and Marketing stuff, for example I write a weekly style report of their blog (which you can find here), I do a lot of the orders for the french designers, respond to emails and post on their social media sites. Alongside this I work one day a week on the shop floor as a bridal stylist, which I'm still getting used to, and is slightly more nerve wrecking but I'm sure I'll pick it up soon enough.

Also recently I moved all of my stuff out of my Uni house, which meant I've had a lot of stuff to go through, especially as I have a tiny bedroom, so all I seem to be doing recently is selling things on ebay(you can find my ebay here) and taking things to charity shops, trying to make enough room for all of my things. This morning I think I finally got somewhere and have a room which is nice to live it again.

Another thing I've been really into recently is knitting, I've been knitting a lot, trying to improve so hopefully soon I'll be able to start knitting gifts and things for people. I've also ordered some crochet hooks, as my friends nan taught me how to crochet a few days ago so I'm going to spend some time crochet too, when I get a bit more confident with crochet maybe I'll do a blog post on crochet, and I'll also do one on knitting too. (I also have a knitting machine, so I can do a post on hand knit compared to machine knit if anybody would be interested).

Sorry, this isn't the most exciting post, I just thought I'd give you all a little update on what I've been up to lately, hopefully posts will be a little more regular now I've got my room sorting and I'm in more a routine with my new job.

I hope everyone has a lovely monday.

Lots of love
Chloe xx

Wedding Bells..

Last Saturday I went to my cousins wedding which was wonderful...
As you can see the bride and groom both looked stunning, and happier than ever.

I'm sure you're wondering what outfit choice I made, so here it is..

Sorry these are the best pictures of my outfit I have as I forgot to get some outfit pictures for my blog.
So I opted for this beautiful long dress which I bought in a shop called Motiq in Clifton Village in Bristol. (I've had a look for a website for this shop but can't find one), anyway, my dress was slightly more pricey, which I did expect buying it in Clifton Village, the dress cost £95, which is more than I wanted to spend but it's 100% silks, so you fabric is beautiful, and I felt the dress was so unusual, I knew nobody else would have anything similar, and I'll definitely wear it again, so although it was a bit more expensive, it feel it's definitely an investment. 
With this I wore some gold sandal (low) heel I bought for House of Fraser, and some jewellery from Topshop and Accessorize.
As I've already said it was my cousin weddding, and as were all quite a close family it was definitely a nice excuse to spend a bit of time with all of the family.

Me, My Mum and My Sister Kerry (I'm a little windswept!

The ceremony was really lovely. After there was a spot of rain, but fortunately it didn't last and me manage to avoid most of it.

How adorable do my two second cousins Layla and Freya look walking to the Marquee under my umbrella?!

There was a ballon release for the people the Bride, Groom and Family have lost, which I thought was a really lovely idea. It meant we got to release ballons with lovely messages for My Dad, and Nan who have both passed away. 

The evening of the wedding was so much fun we all had a few drinks (well apart from the kids!) and a good time dancing with each other. There was also a a photobooth, and costumes which was so much fun. 

Layla and Freya (the younger second cousins in the photo's earlier) decided it was a good idea to dress myself and Kerry (my sister) up, so they kept bringing us things from the the photobooth to put on while we sat at the table, which was so funny, you can see how ridiculous we looked in the photo below.

Anyway I feel I'm dragging this post out much more than I need to now, so I'll finish it off.
I had a lovely time at the wedding, and would like to say a massive congratulation to Anna and Marcus and thank you for a wonderful day!

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