Last Saturday I went to my cousin's wedding which was wonderful...
As you can see the bride and groom both looked stunning and happier than ever.

I'm sure you're wondering what outfit choice I made, so here it is...

Sorry, these are the best pictures of my outfit I have as I forgot to get some outfit pictures for my blog.
So I opted for this beautiful long dress which I bought in a shop called Motiq in Clifton Village in Bristol. (I've had a look for a website for this shop but can't find one), anyway, my dress was slightly more pricey, at  £95, which is more than I wanted to spend but it's 100% silks, so your fabric is beautiful, and I felt the dress was so unusual, I knew nobody else would have anything similar, and I'll definitely wear it again, so although it was a bit more expensive, it feels it's definitely an investment. 
With this, I wore some gold sandal (low) heel I bought for House of Fraser, and some jewellery from Topshop and Accessorize.
As I've already said it was my cousin wedding, and as we're all quite a close family it was definitely a nice excuse to spend a bit of time with all of the family.

Me, My Mum and My Sister Kerry (I'm a little windswept!)

The ceremony was really lovely. After there was a spot of rain, but fortunately it didn't last and I managed to avoid most of it.

How adorable do my two-second cousins Layla and Freya look walking to the Marquee under my umbrella?!

There was a balloon release for the people the Bride, Groom and family who have lost loved ones, which I thought was a really lovely idea. It meant we got to release balloons with lovely messages for My Dad, and Nan who have both passed away. 

The evening of the wedding was so much fun we all had a few drinks (well apart from the kids!) and a good time dancing with each other. There was also a photobooth, and costumes which was so much fun. 

Layla and Freya (the younger second cousins in the photo's earlier) decided it was a good idea to dress myself and Kerry (my sister) up, so they kept bringing us things from the photobooth to put on while we sat at the table, which was so funny, you can see how ridiculous we looked in the photo below.

Anyway, I feel I'm dragging this post out much more than I need to now, so I'll finish it off.
I had a lovely time at the wedding, and would like to say a massive congratulation to Anna and Marcus and thank you for a wonderful day!