Recently treated myself to the Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer (sorry, it's no longer available) and Supercat Eyeliner as their products were buy one, get one half price offer and after hearing endless good reviews on Soap and Glory products, I was running out of reasons not to try a few out. 

I cannot believe I took so long to make my first Soap and Glory purchase. I am so impressed with both, I'll definitely be picking up more of their products to try next time I am in a Boots store.

Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer and Supercat Eyeliner in Boxes.

Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer and Supercat Eyeliner

As you can see from the photos, the products come beautifully packaged, they all come in nice boxes, which is although it creates waste,  I like getting products in a box, I think it feels much more luxurious, it gives a high end feel to a high street product.
I also really like the plastic packaging these product come in, there is not too much plastic packaging, and the packaging is clearly labelled and will last.

Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer and Supercat Eyeliner Close Ups of Product with lids off

Kickass Concealer

The Kickass Concealer comes with two different shades of concealer, a translucent powder, a sponge and a mirror - which is quite a lot for such a small compact. 
You can get in the shades light and medium, I opted for the shade light which has been perfect for my skin. Although there is not a large range of shades, I think this is one of those products where one shade would be suitable for a few different skin tones.
There is a peachy/pink toned concealer which is the best concealer for dark circles and a yellow-toned concealer which is great for spots, blemishes and redness.
I usually use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but rather than buying that again when I run out I will definitely be heading toward the Soap and Glory stand for this one. I feel having the two shades of concealer definitely brightens up my face, having a shade specifically for under the eye bags makes me look far more awake. Also, I find this feels a lot less heavy on my skin in comparison to the Collection Concealer I'm used to, which I think is definitely a plus for me as I do not like to feel as though I'm wearing heavy makeup. 
Although this concealer is slightly more expensive than the concealer I'm used to, I think it is worth the extra money, and £10 is great value considering what you get.
I do not usually wear any power, as once again I feel it would make my make up appear much heavier than I like, so this translucent powder is perfect as it holds my concealer in place and gives my face a matt finish (and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth) without changing the colour of my make up or appearing too heavy. 

I also think this concealer would be perfect for travelling, as it's very compact, comes with a mirror and a sponge, so you have got everything you need right there. 

Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer and Supercat Eyeliner Product with lids off

Supercat Eyeliner Pen

I am so impressed with this eyeliner, I've used an eyeliner with a pen nib once or twice before, but always felt it didn't make apply eyeliner any easier and couldn't see what the hype was about, however, I thought as Soap and Glory was on offer and I was low on eyeliner I may as well give this a try. I have to say, I have never found liquid eyeliner so easy, I've only used it a few times so far so it could be I was just having good eyeliner days. However, I have managed perfect cat-eye flick which is a rare occurrence and my eyeliner lasted a day of work without a single smudge, opposed to the usual end of day black eyes - this eyeliner makes such a lovely addition to my eye make up. 
This just made apply eyeliner so smooth and easy, if you struggle to achieve the cat-eye/winged eyeliner look, I would recommend trying this out.

I can not wait to try out some more Soap and Glory product now!
What's your favourite product by Soap and Glory?

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