I know this lipgloss got a mention in my August favourites, but I love it so much I felt there is so much more I can say about this lipgloss that I decided to dedicate an entire post to it.

I mentioned in my August favourites that I am more of a lipstick girl rather than a lip gloss girl, however, to buy this lipgloss on a whim because I had heard so much good stuff about it and I love Tanya Burr, as it only cost £6.99 I felt it was affordable enough to try out, and if I decided it didn't like it wouldn't too much of a loss.
However, I think this has converted me! I can't stop wearing this lipgloss.

The main reason I do not really wear lipgloss is that I feel lipgloss can be too sticky and I find it really frustrating when you're wearing lipgloss and your hair constantly sticks to it (I'm not the only person this happens to am I?), however, I haven't found this to be too much of an issue with this lipgloss, the formula isn't overly sticky or glossy... sometimes lipgloss can look too glossy so that rather than making your lips seem more attractive, it can appear as though you have slobber around your lips, not the look you were necessarily going for I hope to think.

I really love this colour of this lipgloss, it's just a very pretty pink, it's not too over the top, and I find it is a colour which really enhances my natural lip. The wand of this lipgloss is not what I expected, it's much softer and easily glides across your lips making application easy. 

Also what I think really sold me on this lipgloss is the delicious smell. It has a very sweet, strawberry-like scent to it which I love, I find myself repeatedly wanting to apply the lipgloss because of the lovely smell. 

I can not wait to try out some more of the Tanya Burr Lipglosses. I am very surprised to find myself constantly reaching for this lip gloss over my usual MAC or Chanel lipstick.

I would definitely recommend trying this out, I'm so impressed and think this product is such good value for money!

What's your favourite lipgloss?

Love Chloe