inspirational quote on happiness "think happy, be happy'

Just a little post to appreciate some of the good little things in life, the things which make me smile...

  1. Making new friends
  2. Waking up before your alarm
  3. Find something you'd thought you'd lost
  4. Falling in love with a new book 
  5. Getting flowers
  6. Receiving post
  7. Putting on new socks
  8. Long baths
  9. Road trips with friends
  10. Last minute plans
  11. Cups of tea
  12. Christmas
  13. Heart to hearts
  14. The feeling after going for a long run
  15. Stargazing
  16. Roast dinners (without meat for me)
  17. Good morning texts
  18. Matching underwear
  19. Compliments
  20. Good hair/make up days
  21. Find money
  22. Clean bedding
What little things make you smile? 


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