Monday, 30 June 2014

All time favourite nail polish...Barry M Shocking Pink Nail Paint

Barry M Shocking Pink Nail Paint: £2.99

I have used this nail polish (Barry M Shocking Pink, shade 272) for a long time and always come back to this shade as I really love the colour and I feel it a bit of an all-round colour,  I think it's nice to bright for summer, but it not a pastel shade so can be worn during winter without looking out of place. It's quite a bright girly shade, I like to wear this shade to add a bit of a feminine touch to my outfit.

Anyway it's by Barry M, so it's really cheap, which has definitely been handy as I use this nail polish so often I've needed to replace it a few times. It a nice formula, spread over the nail really easily and dries pretty quickly too, so perfect for if you're painting you nails in a rush (which is often this case for me!)
I find two coat of this nail polish is the perfect amount, which is what I've used in the picture.


Fishtail/milkmaid braids...

So recently some hairstyles I've been experimenting with have been milkmaid braids and fishtails, once you get the hang of doing them they're pretty easy to do and don't take much time at all, yet wearing both of the hairstyles I've had an unbelievable amount of compliments (thank you very much everyone I really appreciate it), and people have been asking how I've done the hairstyles/if they've taken long so I thought I'd do a little blogpost on it.


The fishtail look very similar to an ordinary plait, just slightly more complicated, however I don't think it's much more difficult to complete than a plait, you just need to get the hang of doing it. 

To create the fishtail you need to spilt the hair into two equal pieces, you then take a piece of hair from the bottom on one of the sections, pulling it over this section, moving it into the other section of your hair, where you now hold this piece in place - to put it as simply as I can you move hair from one section so that is crosses over into the other section of your hair, then repeat on the other side, keep repeating this until the full fishtail braid is formed.

Here's a youtube video which explains it incase my instruction aren't clear enough (there are other hairstyles in this video too which you might be interested in.. and yes Zoella is my favourite youtuber, would definitely recommend watching her videos)

The Milkmaid Braids:

The milkmaid braid are nowhere near as complicated as they look and take no time at all.
To create this look you put you hair into two ordinary plaits, like so:
(although I'd recommend using clear elastic hairbands so they're less visible, you can get these in boots, superdrug etc)
Once your hair is plaited you take on the the plaits, twist it slightly forward, place it on you head in the position you want it, and use some hair grips/bobby pins to secure it, then repeat the same with the other plait.

Once again here is a video which may offer a clearer explanation (just to say these were both hairstyles I had experiments with before I saw these Zoella videos, however have been doing them more since seeing the videos).

I also recently experimented with combining these two hair styles, simply by putting two fishtail braid into the hair rather than plaits when completing the milkmaid braid look, and here's a picture of the result:


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Best Friend..a timeline of our love.

So this post is going to be more of a picture post than writing post. I just felt as I am using this blog more often, it's about time I shared more about the important people in my life.  
Amy is my closest friend and has been for years now. We know each from school, we got to know each other in year 10 as we were in the same textile class (which we were both awful at... god knows how I've ended up with a fashion degree), and have been inseparable ever since... even when I'm away at uni and we've both been too busy to talk all the time, I'd often receive a card in the post from Amy letting me know she's missing me, I think little things like that in friendships really count.
Anyway I just wanted to share some of my favourite photos of myself and my best friend, because I'm feeling very loving towards her right now, and why not show off my best friend on my blog?!

The first time Amy came round my house we spent hour taking photos of our hand attempting to say LOVE

About 10 minutes after this photo was taken we went to ASDA with out kisses still on our cheeks

This was a new years.. I'm very confused by our outfits..

After taking this photo I bought the top we're both wearing, Amy bought the trackies she's wearing..

Amy's bum in the mirror

Shortly after this I puked, a lot

In a park with pant on our heads.. we bring on with weird in each other

Classy girls in our ball dresses...

Dancing alone in a pub..

Helping me more into my first uni bedroom

Us at 22 years old...

I love this photo, such a shame is in the toliets

I tried to put these pictures in some sort of order of when they happened, I could be pretty off, but there you have it a short timeline of some of my favourite pictures taken of us since we've been friends <3


Monday, 9 June 2014

What now?!

So my life in education is finally over, after waiting for the end of education to come in what feel like forever, now its finally over I'm feeling slightly lost. I kept just assume when the end of my education came things would just fall into place (I know it's only been a little over a week since I finish uni, but I didn't expect this empty feeling nonetheless). The realisation that I am actually still unsure what I want to do with my life and now is the time to figure it out. There are many things I like, and many things I love, but what aspect of my life, my skills and interested do I want to take forward into a career and where do I start with applying?

It's hit me that I've never done this whole growing up thing before (stating the obvious, I know), I need to decide where I want to live, what I want to do and figure out how to get there.. quite frankly thinking about it all is scaring me to death.

I think the end of uni was so hectic that I didn't really give myself time to process that it was coming to the end of uni and big changes were to come.

I do have a job at home to go back to, as a nursery assistant, and yes I do enjoy the job, but as the fashion degree suggests, it isn't a job I've ever intended staying in, and I'm perfectly aware that the longer I stay the more comfortable I will become in the job, and more likely to stay, which I desperately want to avoid doing. Alongside my million reasons to get a new job, as shallow as this sounds I really want a job where I can wear make up to work.

Anyway to tie this post of as once again I'm now rambling (I promise I will try to be less rambly in my blogposts), I need to figure out where to start on my job hunt and what I'm looking for, I guess for now I'll go to with approah of apply for everything, hope for something.

MAC: Girl About Town.

MAC: Girl About Town, £15
So as you may or may not know, I am a huge lipstick fan. Usually I'm a red girl, and the majority of lipsticks I own and wear are red (my number one lipstick choice since my lipstick obsession started has to be Chanel Rogue Allure 136 Mélodieuse, which is a very true red) people often comment on how my lipstick matches my hair (no it is not intentional, I just happen to like my hair and lipstick red). However recently I've been trying to push myself to try some different lipstick shade and to not always stick to the classic red. I've tried out several new lipsticks, but my favourite has to be 'girl about town' by MAC.

It's very bright and therefore in my comfort zone (I know most people find wearing bright lipstick intimidating, I however feel more comfortable in a bright lipstick), however it's more of a pink than red. I'd describe this colour as a fuchsia pink with a slight blue undertone (having just looked on the MAC website once typing that I noticed MAC have describe the lipstick as bright blue fuchsia.. points for me for lipstick description there!).

On the bottom of the packaging it says the lipstick is the amplified finish (those of you that use MAC lipstick will know they offer several different finishes), however having checked the website I can see the lipstick is actually amplified creme finish (they offer both amplified finish and amplified creme finish so thought I'd better clear up with it was, I assume it only say amplified on the packages as there isn't enough room to include the creme). Nonetheless I really like this finish, definitely my favourite finish of the MAC lipsticks I own (that's not many, I promise). I find this finish glides on the lips very easily, and it very moisturising. I also own Ruby Woo (by MAC) which is a matt finish, and although I like the look of a matt finish lipstick I don't often use it as I feel it dries my lips out, although I do find it slightly longer last that the amplified creme finish, the difference isn't much.

Anyway I feel the post has got a bit rambly so I'm going to tie it up. Moral of the story, I really love Girl About Town by MAC, I  think the colour is beautiful and very pigmented, it's also more of a brightening, summery shade than my usual red. It's a really nice finish and feel great on my lips, overall I'm super happy I purchased this lipstick and can't stop wearing it.

What your current favourite lipstick?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Final Collection

So firstly sorry for the lack of post recently, as some of you may know (if anyone actually reads my blog that is) I am a in my final year of my degree in fashion (well not anymore), so due to the workload I have unfortunately been neglecting my blog a little. However I have officially now finish my degree, so I thought this deserved a blog post.

My degree is a BA(hons) in Fashion, and as some of you may know, with my fashion degree and other fashion degrees, in your final year you make a collection of outfits right through from initial inspirations, designs and  final garments (I made four women's outfits and two men's outfits) which we then then showcase in your final fashion show.

The build up to the fashion show is, of course, very nerve wrecking, having worked hard of this collection for months there's a lot of pressure for your collection to come out the way you'd imaged. As a third year student I got to watch the show, leaving the dressing, hair, make up and modelling to others, which gave me a strange worried yet relaxed feeling as I knew anything that went wrong was out of my hands... Luckily nothing did go wrong, not with my collection or throughout the entire show.  

The show was a success and I am so proud of everyone involved (myself included), I couldn't have asked for it to have gone any better. It really strange to think my three years of uni is over, it has flow by. I'm quite terrified to think it's now time to start my adult life and find a real job, fingers crossed I'll fall into something I love.

I am so proud to think how much I've grown up and learn being at uni, both when it comes to fashion, and looking after myself and living as an adult. It's crazy to think I pretty much failed AS textile, twice, and now I should be graduating hopefully with a 2:1 in BA(hons) Fashion.
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