Being a bit of a lipstick addict, I thought it was probably time I did a post on my favourite lipsticks. I choose all high-end lipsticks, as they just happened to be my favourites, I'm the first to admit I'm a bit of a lipstick snob. So, unfortunately, these all slightly more pricey.

From left to right:

Chanel: Rogue Coco, shade 21 Rivoli (£25): I know this is not really a summery shade, but it is one of my favourites so I still included it. Through autumn/winter I was constantly reaching for this lipsticks, and got a fair few compliments on the colour. This is the darkest shade of lipstick I own, but will definitely be investing in some more dark shades when Summer comes to an end. The formula is really creamy and moisturising. Also, I find this lipstick is pretty long lasting.

Chanel: Rouge Allure, shade 104 Passion (£26): This is my all time favourite lipstick shade, I have worn this lipstick for years, and definitely wear it more than any of other colour. I know, once again it's not the most summery shade but I love a classic red lipstick look, and also love the formula of Chanel lipsticks.

NARS: Heat Wave (£19.50): I've already done a blog post on this lipstick which you can find here so I won't say too much about this lipsticks. It's obviously slightly cheaper than the Chanel lipstick and is a lovely bright orange/red colour, which is slightly more suitable for summer.

MAC Girl About Town (£15.50): This is another lipstick which I've already done a blog post on which you can find here. The prices of MAC lipstick have recently gone up from £15 to £15.50, not a huge difference but slightly more expensive, however, I still think they are a pretty good price compared to other high-end brands. I really love this shade, I've been wearing a lot the past few weeks.

Estee Lauder: Signature, shade 09 Venetian Rose: I've looked everywhere and I can find this lipstick, I think it may have been discontinued, I will check next time I go to an Estee Lauder stand, if you can manage to get hold of this one, I recommend you do! I've had the lipstick a really long time, I think I originally borrowed it from my mum and never returned it (sorry mum!). I didn't use this lipstick much for ages as it's a nude shade, and as you might be able to tell I'm more of the bright lipstick girl, however recently I've been opting for this lipstick quite a lot. Every other nude lipstick I've tried on has made me look ill, not really a look I'm going for. This shade, however, has a nice peachy pink tone to it and adds a nice amount of natural colour to your lips. It's perfect for a very casual everyday lipstick, or when you want a more natural look.

Sorry, my favourite lipsticks are not really in fitting with the current season, If anyone has any recommendations of some more summery coloured lipstick, let me know, I think I could some shade more fitting with this hot weather to add to my favourites.

What are your favourite lipsticks? xxx