Recently some hairstyles I've been experimenting with have been milkmaid braids and fishtails. Once you get the hang of doing them they're pretty easy and don't take much time at all, yet wearing both of the hairstyles I've had an unbelievable amount of compliments (thank you very much, everyone, I really appreciate it). As people have been asking how I've done the hairstyles, I thought I'd do a little blog post on it.

The Fishtail:

close up of fishtail braid in hair
girl with hair in fishtail braid

The fishtail looks very similar to an ordinary plait, just slightly more complicated, however, I don't think it's much more difficult to create than a plait is, you just need to get the hang of doing it. 

To create the fishtail you need to split the hair into two equal pieces, you then take a piece of hair from the bottom of one of the sections, pull it over, moving it into the other section of your hair, where you now hold this piece in place - to put it as simply as I can you move hair from one section so that is crosses over from one side to the other. then repeat on the opposite side. Continue repeating this until the full fishtail braid is formed.

Here's a youtube video that explains it in case my instructions aren't clear enough (there are other hairstyles in this video too which you might be interested in.. and yes Zoella is my favourite YouTuber, would definitely recommend watching her videos)

The Milkmaid Braids:

The milkmaid braids are nowhere near as complicated as they look and take no time at all.
To create this look you put your hair into two ordinary plaits, like so:

red haired girl with plaits
(although I'd recommend using clear elastic hairbands so they're less visible, you can get these in Boots, Superdrug etc)
Once your hair is plaited, you take plait, twist it slightly forward, place it on your head in the position you want it, and use some hair grips/bobby pins to secure it. Then repeat the same with the other plait.

Once again here is a video that may offer a clearer explanation (just to say these were both hairstyles I had experimented with before I saw these Zoella videos, however, have been doing them more since seeing the videos).

Fishtail Milkmaid Braids:

I also experimented with combining these two hairstyles, simply by putting two fishtail braids into the hair rather than plaits when completing the milkmaid braid look, and here's a picture of the result:
red haired girl with milkmaid/fishtail braids in hair

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