girl fashion style picture wear beret in museum, my february 2020  goals
girl fashion style picture wear beret in museum, my february 2020  goals

To make sure I stay aligned with becoming the person I want to be, I like to regularly check-in and consider how I would like to better myself - one way in which I do this, is by setting goals. 

So with a new month comes new goals to make sure I’m always improving and working on myself. 

Drumroll, please

My February goals are as follows:

Run again:

There were a couple of months last year that I was pretty into running. I completed couch to 5k and then kept up running regularly. Then came winter, my eczema flared up, and running through the cold no longer felt so inviting. However, I'm missing that feeling of fitness, and those post-run endorphins. I can feel my fitness levels have dropped, so I'm going to do couch to 5k again to build it back up, but I'll probably start somewhere in the middle to ensure I'm pushing myself from the off.

Be better at texting back:

Something I'm truly rubbish at is texting back (I mean honestly, just writing this reminded me of three friends I'm yet to reply to, opps, sorry) If I don't get back to someone immediately, I tend to just forget, or think to myself I'll reply later, and then later gets delayed. I don't know why I'm so terrible at it, but I'm sure it must drive my friends insane. I don't want to be that person everyone is always waiting on an answer from, I want to be reliable, and not to have a constant nagging of reply to this person in the back of my mind. So in February, I going to make sure I reply to messages the moment I see them, to hopefully turn off that notification in the back of my mind, and become a better friend. 

Fix blog broken backlinks:

I've made it my mission of 2020 to finally make something of this little blog of mine, to do that, I really need to improve the SEO. During February I'm going to go through the entirety of this website and fix any broken links in the hope I'll see my blog DA improve. 

Eat better:

In January I found myself well and truly addicted to shortbread. Honestly, with all the Christmas leftovers I found the biscuits calling my name, and myself mindless snacking on  tins of chocolate (Celebrations are just so yum, aren't they?!) But in turn, I've found myself feeling a sluggish, and unhealthy. So this month I'm going to swapping out the sweet snacks from some slightly more nutritious ones. I'm going to pay more attention to what I'm putting in my body. Eat more greens and cut down on the sugar.

girl fashion style picture wear beret in museum, my february 2020  goals

Do you have any goals for the month?!