I often find myself scrolling through twitter, or Instagram, not really sure how I ended up on my phone, and if I really think about it, there is a lot of time I spend on my phone aimlessly being nosey and attempting to feel connected - which ironically I think makes me feel quite disconnected with myself. Also with the many perfect Instagrams, and snapchat stories which are pretty much #goals, it can sometimes be hard to not find me feeling envious and slightly saddened.

However recently I have been trying to spend a bit of time away from my mobile, and enjoy time without it, not thinking about why I've had no reply from someone who's seen my WhatsApp message, and finding other ways to fill my time, things which actually make me feel good about myself and things I'll remember doing  (rather than scrolling through my phone and thinking oh shit when did it become 10pm, I've achieved nothing this evening)

Each night I have been setting an alarm for an hour later and putting my phone on airplane mode. Somedays I've been desperate to have signal again by the time that alarms gone off,  and other days I have decided to keep the silence a little longer. But every day I've had a least an hour of airplane mode (and I've steered clear of social media on my laptop too in this time). It's surprising how much I go to reach for my phone in this time out of habit, it's really showed me how much I really used it.

Of course, I have been looking ways to fill this space. I have found myself falling in love with reading again. I've always been a massive bookworm, but my love for reading kind of went on holiday as I constantly found myself 'too busy' to read. I reading gives your mind time to step away from your life and think about something else. I have also found myself reading magazines more recently. I have fallen in love with Darling magazine - I think it's so beautiful. Sometimes I enjoy just flicking through the pages and appreciating the stunning photography and typography. Reading quotes. I'm a big fan of quotes and word. When I don't fancy reading long paragraphs I'll just look and segments and think about what the words mean to me.

I have a love/hate relationship with painting my nails. I find it great to use this hour to spruce up my nails however, I'm a typical nail smudger so a quick manicure usually turns to me repainting my nails as I smudge the not quite dry yet polish I so carefully painted on. Yet I somehow still love to pop a fresh coat of nail polish on every now and then when I've got a little time to spare.

Adult colouring books are a great way to spend time, they don't take much concentration or hard work, yet they somewhat free your mind (well they do mine), I find them to be quite therapeutic, especially if I'm feeling creative, yet although inspired, still lazy. Plus, you end up with a pretty picture once you finish. Win win.

I am finding myself becoming more and more obsessed with writing in my diary, especially in the  silence of this hour, with no distractions from my phone, my thoughts feel pure as I scribble them down into my diary. I also want to start using this time, to start writing creatively again, however I haven't quite dived into that one yet.

Having a blog has grown my love for photography, now I take photos to take photos, rather than to use them for a blog post, so sometimes it's fun to take a camera and experiment, expand my knowledge, and take pictures. This is a great time to do that. Taking photographs makes me really joyous - even if they're the one just for me to see. There something about capturing a moment which captures me. 

I'm definitely going to be keeping up my airplane hour, I've found myself feeling more product and happy in this hour than I do the rest of the day. I may even be ready to make it a little longer!

Have you tried spending time away from your phone?