Inspiration seems to be striking more and more recently, partly due to my growing interest of photographers whose work I have access to due to this wonderful place called the internet, alongside my constant listening to Filler Podcast with has been encouraging me with my creative, ambitious to just get out there and do - even if what I produce is shit, producing something is the only way I'm going to learn. The understanding that the people that I'm looking up to, listening to, those whose work I'm stalking, and admiring, all started somewhere. They got out there and just created things. 

With that long introduction over, it's was a sunny day not so long ago, so I decided to step outside with my camera and try to capture a bit of the beauty around. So here are some of the shots. I've got a long way to go with my growing love for photography and a lot to learn - but I'm starting.

These pictures were all taken a few second from my house, an area which often I often abandon in my thoughts, I guess partly because it's right on my doorstep, it's easy to overlook. It was good to get out there with a camera and take it all in. There's something which makes me feel quite mindful about capturing things with me've often failed to recognize no matter how close to home they really are.

As I said I've got a lot way to go with my photography, but I'm going to keep shooting and sharing photographs - hopefully in a few months time you and I will both be able to look back and compare these images to newer ones and see steps in the right direction.
I'd love any feedback. 
I hope you enjoyed this short exploration with me.

Love always,