I have recently dived into this whole new realm of Podcasts. I know what you're thinking, it's not a new thing Chloe, podcasts have been around for ages, which of course is true, but I never had any interest in listening, until recently. Now I'm hooked. There are three particular podcast series which have been leaving me feeling both inspired and empowered.

These Podcasts have become a place where I can hear the voices I want to hear and the opinion of people whose voices I can relate to and they deserve to be heard . I feel these podcasts are all hosted by young people with similar morals to me and it's wonderful to see these values can translate into success in creative industries.

 I am writing this post straight from listening to me the second podcast today because I have recognised coming away from listening to both Podcasts I have felt mindful, and content, yet extremely motivated, and inspired to get shit done. Anything which I find creates this desirable mindset, in my opinion, is worth sharing on my little space on the internet.

1) The Ladies Who Lunch by Cat Valdes and Ingrid Nilsen - This is the Podcast series which originally caught my attention and started this listening obsession.

Every Tuesday there is a new Ladies Who Lunch episode, which I find myself looking forward to each week. Ingrid and Cat are friends who discuss pretty much all things which happen, the things we feel, think about and go through but don't often discuss in many days to day small talk conversations. It opens up your mind to a new realm of consideration and thoughts, as there are many things we have been almost programmed to not speak (and therefore consciously think about) about when actually many people are going through somewhat the same shit.

I find Ingrid and Cat both very relatable, they're both Youtubers who are both introverted women with very loud, creative minds. They have the topic each week ranging from dating and sex to society expectations. They also read letters from readers and offer advice, which is generally pretty solid explained advice, but also only suggestions - there's no 'you have to do this' because both Cat and Ingrid seem to understand they are not perfect, and the advice they other is still just opinions. They offer their thoughts, what they'd do in that situation and Ingrid, of course,  quote Cheryl Strayed several times in each episode, which I personally love. They both also give different viewpoints - they often don't agree on things but listen to and take the time to understand the other perspective.

I find this podcast is great too if you're going through a personal or social dilemma, I often find the things discussed unintentionally fit what I'm going through so I can relate and find comfort in listening, not only to Cat and Ingrid's voices but what the listeners letter say.  Every topic so far I have found to be some worth thinking about and this has really opened my mind.

2) Filler Podcast by Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore -  It was actually listening to Filler Podcast the inspired this post (this episode to be exact). Filler Podcast is all about the creative industries. Harry and Matt talk to different people who work in creative industries who are usually pretty much self-made and successful, which I find is what I 'need' to hear a lot. Being a creative mind, and feeling a little lost career wise it's very comforting to hear that I'm not the only person who doesn't feel they fit a 9-5 office job. This Podcast and it's guests show that the creative industries matter. Listening gives me the understanding that if I want to become someone working with a creative career, I can, and I will, and I am not the only one that doesn't fit in the box we are expected to be in beyond school. It's interesting to hear the success stories of other and appreciate the work they're put into to get where they are.

I also think this is great there are often creative people who talk to Matt and Harry on Filler whose work I love and fully support,  however, I may not have come across them without listening - if you're looking to discover new creative people doing great things, I'd recommend giving it a listen. You can hear what people are working on and why. It's quite inspiring that you can go from never have heard of someone at the start of the Podcast to feeling quite investing in them and their work by the end of it.

It's just great. They answer questions which the creative mind crave and they're also quite funny,  Matt and Harry add a lighthearted vibe to a real conversation, and you gain something to take with you, from both Harry and Matt and their guest.
(Also, Matt and Harry, if you're looking for a guest, get in contact - I will break into this creative industry soon, and you'll be glad you got in there early... (I'm joking... kind of))

3) CTRL ALT DELETE - By Emma Gannon - This Podcast is somewhat similar to the Filler Podcast, in the sense in both they talk to others from creative industries. However there are different vibes, of course, CTRL ALT DELETE has a female voice. Emma mainly interviews (if you can call it that) people who become a success through the internet. I read Emma's blog before listening to this, and I find her voice very relatable, which of course makes for easy listening. Emma chats casually to blogger, youtubers, comedians, and many others working in creative fields, about their success, their growth and their plans for the future.

I find this really interesting because you hear a somewhat different, yet still familiar side to those who work you've seen online. Guests like Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr, and Olivia Purvis are all people I've felt like I've known after endlessly stalking their social medias for years, however after listening to this podcast I felt a deeper connection to them and the brands they created for themselves, and there was also a proud little fan girl inside of me that felt like I'd followed these girls on their journey.

Emma is very engaging (and I can't wait to get my hands on her book), and she asks her guests all the right questions, so you gain something listening but she creates a casual chatty vibes which make you feel as though you're listening to a conversation with friends.

I especially loved her recent episode with Tanya Burr - I felt there was the right balance between the casual chat to serious chat. Ranging from Tanya's makeup brand to Tanya work with Global Goals really got across that the people Emma talks to (and Emma herself) do more that just one thing. I also found it very interesting to hear about Tanya's pursuit of acting lessons and auditions but that may be because of my interest in acting with I've been considering further, especially once I'd listened to this.

I'd strongly recommend giving these a listen, and any Podcasts you think I'd enjoy, please let me know!

Love Chloe x