This is a bit of an odd thing to share, however, I like to share things I'm enjoying on here, and these are definitely things which fall under that categort. At first, I felt it was a bit personal, however, having put things into perspective I realised I share my emotions on here, which is actually a lot more personal than sharing what I enjoy I choose to wear, despite that these are more intimate items.

So I have two set of underwear which I've been loving wearing recently. I like quite lacey underwear because it feels pretty to wear - this is only a benefit for myself, as currently, I am the only person to see my underwear. I find there something quite special to know you have matching beautiful underwear on underneath your clothes - it just makes me feel more put together and all round good about myself.

The first set is from M&S (padded version and knickers here). Although the bright orange colour is slightly outside of my usual black comfort zone, when I saw the set I fell in love with the colour, it's such a vibrant beautiful shade that I felt like I needed to make a purchase, however, let's face it, bright underwear can be quite impractical, but I decided to pick up a set nonetheless.

Firstly the bra fits perfectly. They do the bra in both padded and non-padded so I tried both, and I found that the none padded version nicely sits to support and cup my slightly larger bust, which also means it also does great things for how my boobs look. Considering it's underwired, it is one of the most comfortable bras I've ever worn. I've taken to wearing this more and more for the comfort factor. I've also found the bright orange-red tone actually hasn't shown up too much under clothes. I'm nowhere near as restricted with what I'm wearing because of the colour as I'd expected.

As for the knickers, they had a few knickers options, I opted for the Brazilian cut because that's just what I tend to choose which given the option. Once again the sizing was on point. The 10 is a perfect fit for me. The chilli coloured lace is very pretty and elegant and your more erm intimate area is slightly more covered up and comfortable as cotton makes up the crouch. The fabric of these is lovely as it is with the bra, there's comfortable and pretty. What more could you ask for?!

The only downside to this beautiful colour, is I have found the knickers to be faded at a slightly quicker rate than the bra, I assume simply because they go through the wash more often. However, they are not fading into a wishy-washy colour I dislike, they are just a shade lighter.

The second set which I found myself wearing on repeat (well between washes) is from ASOS - not normally somewhere I go for undies as I like to try before I buy, however, I'm so glad I risked it with this set. Although straight up I have to say the sizing is not great on the great. The Bra only came with the options of small, medium and large which is obviously not ideal. I went for a medium because despite having a  bigger bust, I have a small waste. The fit is not perfect, and I wouldn't wear it on the days I want to make a show of my cleavage, but day to day, it does the job.

Firstly I love the design of this. The cup are black mesh in triangles, across the centre of the bust is black lace which sits on your nipples - I think this bra is just really beautiful - it would be great if you wanted to look sexy (that word always makes me cringe!) for your partner (... not that I ever use it to look sexy for anyone, besides myself of course).

This bra is not underwired which makes it's very comfortable and easy to just chuck on whenever you need a little support but you don't want to feel strapped into your underwear. I have once again been getting loads of wear out of this because of the comfort factor.

Another major plus to the bra is the straps and back. Rather than having on of the those really thick ugly backs and straps which don't look good, they just hold the purpose of holding everything in place. The bra just has a fine black ribbon black, which makes it perfect for if you're wearing something blackless. A fine black line across your back won't ruin an outfit like most bras will. There is also some lace which travels slightly up the straps which just add an extra pretty factor.

As just the pants. The bra only came with a thong option, although I rarely wear a thong, I like to buy and wear underwear in the set so I had to get it. I've actually surprised myself with this as I've always been so against thongs, but I actually do quite like wearing this. I mean I'm not going to go mad with thong shopping now but this is a pretty one. It is the same design as the bra but the lace is just in one corner. I think the asymmetric detail is really adorable and I feel great when I wear the set.